Quidco’s Sweet 16 Game – All Clues And Tips (aff)

Quidco has released a team of Squid(co)s again, for their 16th Birthday Celebrations! Join in this fun game and try to grab some of the free cash! There are £30,000 of prizes to be won spread over 7500 individual prizes!

A screenshot of the Quidco Sweet 16 Squid Hunt Banner with a birthday cake on the left and strawberries on the right. In the middle is shows how many of the 5 £1000 special prizes have been won

Squid Hunt!

There are 15 Squids to catch – Here is where I’ve found them.

  1. Squidco11/5 Come back later!  10/5 On My ‘activity’ page
  2. Scooter – 11/5 Come back later!
  3. Uncle Kraken – 10/5 BulkHolland & BarrettMyproteinVitabiotics – The Protien Works
  4. Jentacle – 11/5 ASOSNew LookRiver Island
  5. Dr Octo – 10/5 Come back later!
  6. Squidmo – 10/5 SamsungLittlewoodsEbuyerVeryRicher Sounds
  7. Ziggy – 10/5 DellArgosAO .com Currys PC World Microsoft Store
  8. Squillion 11/5 DeliverooJust Eat DominosPizza Hut Delivery
  9. Compy – 11/5 PetPlanTesco Pet InsuranceScratch and Patch Pet Insurance
  10. Winnie – 10/5 Appliance CityApplicances DirectMarks ElectricalsLakelandEmmaBridgewater
  11. iSquid – 10/5 CDKeysShopToThe Game CollectionGame365games
  12. Squid Rock – 10/5 LookFantasticFeelUniqueCult BeautyThe Body Shop Boots
  13. Mollux 11/5 Come back later! 10/5 CarphoneWarehouseVodafoneThree (sim only)Mobile Phones DirectAffordable Mobiles
  14. Wally 11/5 Come back later! 10/5 MoonpigFunkyPidgeonCard FactoryGettingPersonalBoomf
  15. Sir Inksalot – 10/5 Come back later!

They appear on certain pages and if you click the links you will get clues to find them. Be warned, even if it looks like there is a squid on the page, you wont always be able to catch it! Have you found one? Let me know in the comments below!

Find them all and you have a chance of winning £1000 with *Quidco!

a screenshot showing all the squid you need to catch in the Quidco Sweet 16 squid hunt

Individual Squid Prizes


There are 5 SquidSquads you can collect for chances at additional Prizes

£1 Amazon Voucher – The Party Planners

Get Squidco, Dr Octo, and Jentacle

Quidco Sweet 16 Squid Hunt - The Party Planners

£5 Amazon Voucher – The Clique Crew

Get Squid Rock, Wally, and Scooter

Quidco Sweet 16 Squid Hunt - The Clique Crew

£10 Amazon Voucher – The Techies

Get iSquid, Ziggy, and Mollux

Quidco Sweet 16 Squid Hunt - The Techies

£50 Amazon Voucher – The Foodies

Get Squillion, Uncle Kraken, and Winnie

Quidco Sweet 16 Squid Hunt - The Foodies

£100 Amazon Voucher – The Wild Cards

Get Sit Inksalot, Compy, and Squidmo

Quidco Sweet 16 Squid Hunt - The Wildcards

Hints and Tips

Q. The icon might appear on the page but you can’t catch the Squid?
A. Come back later/refresh the page

Quidco Sweet 16 Squid Hunt - Missed Squid

Q. Are all Squids available now?
A. some say ‘check back later’ so they will be released later in the competition.

Q. Is there one correct answer per Squid?
A. No. The squid location can change and they can also be found on multiple pages

Let me know if you have any other questions?

What is Quidco?

*Quidco is a Cashback Website where you earn money back if you click through their links to websites. If you aren’t a member yet, you should join. I have a blog post outlining how you can earn money without spending a penny! www.thereverend.co.uk/blog/Quidco



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