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TopCashBack Mega Treats Giveaway All Clues And Answers 2020

TopCashBack Mega Treats!

TopCashback Mega Treats 2020 Banner

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TopCashBack (TCB) are back with another ‘Treat’ game for the new year! – TopCashBack Mega Treats! They have done this previously with Summer TreatsEaster Treats, Summer, Hallowe’en, Christmas, Travel Treats, Easter Treats and Sweet Treats. Every day they will reveal clues and you have to guess the retailer they relate to. Click on the correct retailer to see the TCB Hummingbird appear. Click on the Hummingbird and you can win a treat! It could be instant cashback into your account or a prize-draw entry.

The Prize Board


TopCashback Mega Treats 2020 Prize Board

Mega Prize Draw

The prizes are available to everyone and you can still win FREE money for doing very little. It has started today (10th January, 2020) and runs until the TopCashBack Mega Treats treasure hunt is over, on 20th January, 2020. As well as the prizes above, there is the MEGA PRIZE DRAW worth £2,000 ! Check back here and enter these answers into TopCashBack to win!

TopCashback Mega Treats 2020 - Mega Draw


Day 1 = Groupon – I won 1 x Cola Bottle (need 2 more to win £1 cashback direct into account)
Day 2 = Secret Sales – I won 1 X Prize Draw Entry
Day 3 = The Protein Works – I won 1 X Prize Draw Entry
Day 4 = – I won 1 x Flying Saucer (need 2 more to win £5 cashback direct into account)
Day 5 = Viator – I won 1 X Prize Draw Entry
Day 6 = 20 Cogs – I won 1 x Flying Saucer (need 1 more to win £5 cashback direct into account)
Day 7 = Coach– I won 1 x Cherry Lips (need 3 more to win £20 cashback direct into account)
Day 8 = Nike – I won 1 X Prize Draw Entry
Day 9 = Audible – I won 1 x Foam Heart (won 10p!)
Day 10 = Etsy – I won 1 X Prize Draw Entry
Day 11 = MyProtein – I won 1 x Dummies (need 3 more to win £100 cashback direct into account) I read the clue wrong, ended up My Protein and got a dummy. Turns out this was just a random treat and the actual answer is below.
Day 11 = MyVegan – I won 1 x Dummies (need 2 more to win £100 cashback direct into account)

Check back here tomorrow if you need help with tomorrow’s clue for the TopCashBack Mega Treats Giveaway. If you are having any problems getting the right answer, let me know in the comments below and I will help out 🙂

The Reverend’s Tip

Check out the ‘Trending’ section on the TopCashBack homepage to see what other people are clicking on, it might help you get the answer or even find a bonus Treat!

The Reverend’s Tip #2


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    1. Hi Ires,

      They do appear on random pages – that doesn’t mean that they are the next day’s answers.

      Its always possible it will be though!



      The Reverend

  1. This must be day 5 – received one in John Lewis & Partners
    (I received 2 while shopping today with Topcashback, one for GiffGaff and other JL)

  2. Just did all 5 today (day 5)

    1 PDE
    1 FLying Saucer
    2 Frieed Eggs (20p in the bank!)
    1 Jelly Bean.

    Not bad 4/5 non PDE’s. Sick of all the PDE’s usually.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Reverend, you say you’ve got two flying saucers but both times you say you still need two more to win a fiver. Surely you’re almost there. Would be good if you won it. You deserve it and a lot more besides.

    1. Hello Vincent,

      A cut/paste error from me this morning. I meant to update the number of flying saucers but I forgot.

      I have won on these before – I didn’t with the Christmas one but did manage to win about £1 on one last year. I’ve not let the money change me though!



      The Reverend

    1. You got that from the Daily Clue? Or do you think this is another random one? Because no way I would have got Nike from the clue it gave for today haha

      1. Had to think a bit for this one! Lol.
        So thank you for the help. One jelly been added. One to go for a tenna. 199 entries so far for the 2k draw!

  4. Today is Audible. This was already mentioned by Claire on 13th. I have also just gone through the answers mentioned above, that have not been clues yet and got one from moonpig. I wonder if this will be a clue in the next couple of days and if so, will I get another prize?

    1. Hi Jam,

      If it was a ‘guessed’ answer then you wont get a 2nd prize on the day the actual clue is given.


      The Reverend

    1. I had given up on winning anything other than 10p and 20p but I’ve had more joy on this competition than any of the previous ones. I’ve got x4 different accounts on topcashback and one of them has come good with £0.10 for the heart, £0.20 for the fried eggs and a whopping £5 for the Flying Saucers today!
      I’ll let them know at work tomorrow that I’ll not be returning for the foreseeable future!

  5. Thanks to Everyone who has told me I’ve got the wrong answer for today. In my defence it was early AND i got a treat from my answer.


    Its been updated, but I’ve left the ‘incorrect’ answer up as I did actually get a treat from it.


    The Reverend

  6. I think the answer to todays clue is myvegan, not myprotein – I never got a reward for checking myprotein, as soon as I checked myvegan the reward was there straight away – got 1 jellybean.

  7. I certainly stand corrected and apologise to everyone but I thought it was myvegan at first but it came up with nothing so I chose myprotein instead and it gave me the hummingbird. Very strange but humble apologies.

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