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TopCashBack Xmas Treats Giveaway All Clues And Answers 2020

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TopCashBack Xmas Treats!

TopCashBack (TCB) are back with another ‘Treat’ game as Christmas draws near – TopCashBack Xmas Treats! They have done this previously with Summer TreatsEaster Treats, Summer, Hallowe’en, Christmas, Travel Treats, Easter Treats and Sweet Treats. Every day they will reveal clues and you have to guess the retailer they relate to. Click on the correct retailer to see the TCB Hummingbird appear. Click on the Hummingbird and you can win a treat! It could be instant cashback into your account or a prize-draw entry.

The Prize Board


TopCashback Xmas Treats 2020 - Prize Board

Mega Prize Draw

The prizes are available to everyone and you can still win FREE money for doing very little. It has started today (7th December, 2020) and runs until the TopCashBack Xmas Treats treasure hunt is over, on the 29th December. As well as the prizes above, there is the MEGA PRIZE DRAW worth £1,000 ! Check back here and enter these answers into TopCashBack to win!

TopCashback Xmas Treats 2020 - Mega Prize Board



Day 1 = I Saw It First – I won 1 x Santa (need 1 more to win 20p cashback direct into account)
Day 2 = Kiehls – I won 1 x Santa (Won 20p!)
Day 3 = Claire’s (this clue is wrong and missing ther’!) – I won a Prize Draw Entry
Day 4 = Fit Flop – I won a Prize Draw Entry
Day 5 = Bloom And Wild – I won 1 x Angels (need 3 more to win £20 cashback direct into account)
Day 6 = Kate Spade – I won 1 x Snowflakes (need 2 more to win £5 cashback direct into account)
Day 7 = Timberland – I won 1 x Stars (need 2 more to win 50p cashback direct into account)
Day 8 = 20 Cogs – I won a Prize Draw Entry
Day 9 = Urban Decay – I won 1 x Angels (need 2 more to win £20 cashback direct into account)
Day 10 = ScottishPower Gas And Electricity – I won a Prize Draw Entry
Day 11 = Misspap – I won a Prize Draw Entry
Day 12 = Michael Kors – I won 1 x Xmas Trees (need 3 more to win £100 cashback direct into account)
Day 13 = YSL Beauty  – I won 1 x Angels (need 1 more to win £20 cashback direct into account)
Day 14 = Coast – I won a Prize Draw Entry
Day 15 = Remitly – I won a Prize Draw Entry
Day 16 = James Wellbeloved  – I won 1 x Gifts (need 2 more to win £1 cashback direct into account)
Day 17 = Virgin Experience Days – I won a Prize Draw Entry
Day 18 = Groupon – I won a Prize Draw Entry
Day 19 = – I won 1 x Candy Cane (need 3 more to win £10 cashback direct into account)
Day 20 = – I won 1 x Snowflakes (need 1 more to win £5 cashback direct into account)
Day 21 = Karen Millen – I won a Prize Draw Entry
Day 22 = Waggel Pet Insurance – I won a Prize Draw Entry
Day 23 = E.ON Energy – I won 1 x Candy Cane (need 2 more to win £10 cashback direct into account)

Check back here tomorrow if you need help with tomorrow’s clue for the TopCashBack Xmas Treats Giveaway. If you are having any problems getting the right answer, let me know in the comments below and I will help out 🙂

The Reverend’s Tip

Check out the ‘Trending’ section on the TopCashBack homepage to see what other people are clicking on, it might help you get the answer or even find a bonus Treat!

The Reverend’s Tip #2


Check out my blog post on how to get OVER THIRTY POUNDS cashback with ZERO spend. A simple way to hit the payout level for any TopCashBack users.

— > CLICK HERE for the instructions <—-




    I did report to TCB in 2019 that there is a problem in registering TCB purchases and also the TCB TREATS PROMOTIONS. Response was that it would be reported to the Tech People.

    The current CHRISTMAS TREATS PROMOTION still does not work from the ANDROID PLAY STORE APP! You can only access Hummingbird Treats by using a Browser, logged into TCB dot Co dot UK…

    This is a TCB problem!
    They fail to fix it, even after a year of reporting it…

    1. Is it possible for this Comments Thread to work in opposite order in future? So that the most recent comments are at the top of the list. It saves scrolling all the way down…

    1. I don’t think there is such a thing as “” or “”. Can you confirm where you found it? Thanks and good luck

  2. An extra PDE with ZOOPLUS this evening. I always go through the ‘Trending’ list and it usually always comes up with an extra Hummingbird


  4. 24 Dec – Christmas Eve! – correct answer for today is GROUPON but the H’bird isn’t appearing. I have read this on other sites too and it suggests to Refresh the page. I keep doing this – still nothing… Any suggestions?

    1. It didn’t work for me when I searched for it but did when I clicked on it under top picks. PDE for me.

      Waiting on 1 for a few prizes now from 10p to £10

    2. Support Ticket Submitted

      “DonaldEdinburgh24.12.2020Xmas Treats 24 December should be GROUPON but no Hummingbird is flying onto the screen. Bug. Error. Lots of people the same.
      Android 10 – Moto G9+ phone.
      Using Chrome Web Browser on phone because the TCB App from Play Store does not all Xmas Treats to work.”

      Let’s see how quick they respond…

    1. I couldn’t find Elf Cosmetics so I searched on Cosmetics. Then I found it –

      It needs the full stops. Cut and paste the spelling above.

  5. Is it just me? But for the past few days only the daily clue hummingbird works, there are no other hummingbirds on any other pages including the ones people are listing on here…?

    1. I genuinely think they have a limit on how many are given out for each company they add a HB to. If I leave it till later in the day I don’t get any extra HBs

      1. I always whizz down the Trending suppliers and the ones advertised on the TCB homepage. You generally always get one or two HBs

        1. I have just done exactly that and picked up another HB from one of the retailers on the TCB homepage. I won a Star.


    2. Keep trying on the stores listed on this page. They eventually work, but not necessarily on the same day as everyone else.

    1. Monday 28 December


      I won a Santa – so that means I won 20p today – plus the 10p from earlier, this is the most I have won from TCB TREATS!… YÄY!

  6. Does anyone win anything greater? I’ve won 10p and 20p, and I’m one gift away from 50p, £5, £10 and £20. All I seem to be getting now is prize draw entries… would love some reassurance that it is actually possible to win the larger amounts!

    1. I’ve only won 30p, I’m 1 away from a couple of others, but now I mostly just get PDE’s and any prizes I do win are just filling up the other rows…I don’t think they will give me any of the big prizes

  7. I’ve won 10p, 20p & £5! Since I’ve won £5 I have mostly received PDE’s. Did get an angel @ Music Magpie and a PDE @ Moonpig today. Happy hunting!

  8. There is still £2,008 for grabs out of total £8,000 so they will likely have some good prizes to give out. I’ve got 30p so far.
    Instant Win prizes consist of:
    10 x £100
    15 x £20
    20 x £10
    200 x £5
    2,000 x £1
    3,000 x £0.50
    30,000 x £0.20
    50,000 x £0.10

    1. Just realised that this all adds up to £17,000 so I’m guessing once they hit £8k, they stop giving out prizes and you only get PDEs

  9. Tuesday 29th December


    Cut’n’Paste the exact Retailer name above – other spellings will not work…

  10. I just won a Christmas Tree, going through the list of the Trending Retailers, this one got me the tree…



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