Virgin Red Competition – Quality Time

Virgin Red Competition – Quality Time!

Virgin Red are back with another competition – Quality Time! There are a number of prizes you can win by taking part everyday. There could also be bonus codes given out which can increase your points so keep an eye out for them on the Virgin Red Twitter feed and Facebook page. Check back here every day to find the latest Virgin Red Vault Competition Answers. You can also see the bonus codes I’ve found below!

Take Part


For an easy 50 points use my invite code IDTLD3 when you download the app.

Download from –

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

The Prizes

This month the vault prizes for Quality Time Competition are;-

  • Vault 1 – Win 1 of 20 Donna Hay Cookbooks
  • Vault 2 – Win 1 of 20 Prosecco Bottles
  • Vault 3  – 700 Points – Win 1 of 10 £50 Vouchers
  • Vault 4 –  850 Points – Win 1 of 2 Secret Vault Prizes
  • Vault 5 – 1000 Points – Win 1 of 5 Picnic Backpacks
  • Vault 6 – 1300 Points – Win 1 of 2 Luxury Hotel Escapes for 2
  • Vault 7 – 1500 Points – Win A Secret Vault Prize
  • Vault 8 – 2000 Points – VIP Vault – Win 1 of 10 VIP Prizes

Do people actually win the prizes? Hell yeah! A number of followers of this blog have told us about the prizes they’ve won.

Virgin Red – Real World Winners!


Day 1 This or That – 25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts
Day 2 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – Q1, Italian | Q2, Oklahoma | Q3, 1976 50pts
Day 3 This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts / Bonus Code ‘Fig’ (taken from Fig Cocktail tile) – 25pts
Day 4 This or That – 25pts
Day 5 This or That – 25pts
Day 6 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – Q1, Ruby | Q2, Cancer & Leo | Q3, Julius Caesar50pts
Day 7 This or That – 25pts
Day 8 This or That – 25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts / Bonus Code ‘Caramel’ (taken from Cacao Caramel Bites tile) – 25pts
Day 9 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – Q1, Gin | Q2, Pimms | Q3, Red Wine50pts
Day 10 This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts
Day 11 This or That – 25pts
Day 12 This or That – 25pts / Bonus Code ‘Paella’ (taken from Paelle tile) – 25pts
Day 13 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – Q1, 15th July | Q2, Winchester | Q3,  St Swithin’s Day 50pts
Day 14 This or That – 25pts  / Bonus Code ‘Veggie’ (taken from Veggie Burger tile) – 25pts
Day 15 This or That – 25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts
Day 16 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – Q1, Both | Q2, Optometrist | Q3,  650pts / Bonus Code ‘Olympic’ (taken from Olympic Studio tile) – 25pts
Day 17 This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts
Day 18 This or That – 25pts
Day 19 This or That – 25pts
Day 20 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – Q1, Ella Fitzgerald | Q2, Grease | Q3,  Calvin Harris 2014 (they changed the answer)50pts
Day 21 This or That – 25pts
Day 22 This or That – 25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts / Bonus Code ‘MATTA’ (taken from Porridge tile) – 25pts
Day 23 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – Q1, 11 | Q2, Murray | Q3,  Volga50pts
Day 24 This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts
Day 25 This or That – 25pts
Day 26 This or That – 25pts
Day 27 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – Q1, Simple Minds | Q2, 1982 | Q3,  Delorean50pts / Bonus Code ‘TAHINI’ (taken from Crispy Sprout tile) – 25pts
Day 28 This or That – 25pts / Bonus Code ‘CHEESECAKE’ (taken from Cheesecake tile) – 25pts
Day 29 This or That – 25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts / Bonus Code ‘COMMONS’ (taken from Burger tile) – 25pts
Day 30 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – Q1, Pineapple | Q2, Red | Q3,  New Zealand50pts
Day 31 This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday –25pts

Check back here tomorrow if you need help with the quiz. If you are having any problems getting the right Virgin Red Competition – Quality Time quiz answers, let me know in the comments below and I will help out 🙂

The Reverend’s Tips

Check out this link to my blog page with all my hints and tips!

Virgin Red Hints, Tips & Bonus Points

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  1. Day 2 and I’ve opened 7 of the 8 vaults. If I was with Virgin Active I’d ve half way through that one too. This will be an easy month. The prizes seem much better than last month at least for me. Thanks for the continued hard work Rev.

    1. Hi Pam,

      I’ve checked the socials and the tiles on the app and can’t find that anywhere – where did you find it?


      The Reverend

      1. In the Cobb Crazy Chicken recipe tile. They told us they were going to put them in the recipe tiles on the carousel this month Rev.
        Sorry, should have said. Just assumed you’d seen it in the first tile (Quality Time) explaining about this month.
        “ Plus, we will be adding 2 bonus codes a week in our daily recipes which will feature in the upper carousel so keep an eye out for those!”

        Is it me or is this month really easy. I only have 475 points left to go to open the last vault!

  2. Oh, and forgot to mention I’ve won some mints. Preferred the wine and the Fizz I won last time.

    In June you entered our Vault titled ‘WIN 1 OF 50 PEPPERSMITH MINTS’ from Virgin Sport and you’ve been chosen as a winner!

    1. At least you won something. Despite lots of really small prizes last month I still haven’t had any luck.

        1. I must have been using the app for about 3 years. I’ve won some chocolates and a notebook in that time.

  3. Thanks Pam but where did you see the code? It isn’t mentioned in the recipe tile on the app … or were you being clever and guessed it from the ship’s name?!

    1. Lol, I usually tend not to guess or add the bonus points until they happen. I just make a note of them in case I miss them to pop in at the end. In the Crazy Cobb Chicken recipe tile Andrena.
      “Plus, we will be adding 2 bonus codes a week in our daily recipes which will feature in the upper carousel so keep an eye out for those!”

      1. Thanks Pam.
        Yes I saw that about the bonus codes in the recipe tile and checked it but don’t see a code there, though there is fig in the cocktail time as Ang has spotted!

        1. The word is in Bold in the text.
          They’ve done that before on previous months when we’ve had to find bonus words.
          Tried Lady as well but that obviously didn’t work.

  4. Glad to see the prizes have improved this month!
    Looks like the bonus codes are going to be guess work and not highlighted as a code?
    FIG worked for 25 points – but was just a guess.

    1. Thanks Ang. It’s highlighted as a code there now – perhaps a glitch on the app and codes showing / not showing for different users? I still don’t see valiant as a code in the recipe tile. Hmmmm.

      1. The word is in Bold in the text inside the recipe.
        They’ve done that before on previous months when we’ve had to find bonus words.
        Tried Lady as well but that obviously didn’t work.

        1. Ah thanks Pam. Didn’t realise they did that, as Fig was shown explicitly as a code. Will keep an eye out!

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for that – I couldn’t see it for looking! Added it to my blog post now. 🙂

      The Reverend

    1. Anything is possible I guess! They just said –
      ‘Plus, we will be adding 2 bonus codes a week in our daily recipes which will feature in the upper carousel so keep an eye out for those!’
      As only one clue last week said ‘use the code for 25 points and then the caramel one on the 8th the same they might be hiding one elsewhere or a little more carefully!

  5. So if there’s 2 codes a week like they stated last weeks must have been Fig which was clearly stated and Valiant which was in bold. Either that or we missed one that was obvious!
    So far this week we’ve had Caramel which was obvious. Keep your eyes open for the second guys – might be another sneaky one!! Lol

  6. Is anyone else having difficulty accessing the app at the moment? Trying to work out if it’s at their end or my phone! Thanks

      1. I’m having problems too – I will keep trying.

        Hopefully more bonus points to say sorry.



        The Reverend

    1. I’m still 25 points short as I didn’t want yesterday’s Friday freebie. Will enter tomorrow. Good luck.

  7. In the final vault. I’ve been playing this for years now. Always get in the vault but have yet to win anything. Am I blacklisted? Lol

    1. Hi Carol,

      I doubt ‘black-listed’, just unlucky.

      I’m always surprised to hear of people who have won more than one prize but I guess thats just how it happens sometimes.



      The Reverend

  8. I’ve actually won twice on the app and both were really Kily a few weeks apart. The first prize I got was a smal – and I mean small box of supposedly hand made Valentine’s Day chocolates , which to be honest weren’t great and then a few weeks later I won an afternoon tea for two. I took it at a hotel in Edinburgh which was nearest to me and it was so bad I complained to both the hotel and to Virgin Red and eventually got offered another free afternoon tea at the same place – I didn’t take up the offer.

  9. I’ve never won a thing, being playing for years too!
    So VALIANT is the code today… entered it and got the ‘this looks familiar’ message. I’ve definitely not entered a code. Anyone else had this glitch?

  10. Hmmm, Ella Fitzgerald certainly sang Summertime but so did Billie Holiday .. some years earlier. Think they’ve blipped on this one. I’ve flagged it to them as I missed out on the quiz points as a result!

    1. Ditto. Billie dang it first in 1936. (Number 12 in charts in September 1936) The first main recording people could get was Ella Around 1968…
      I’ve reported this too.

    2. Sorry Andrena, I can’t understand how you think they’ve made a blip with their question. There’s no option to choose Billie Holiday so it’s irrelevant that she sung it. ( She was actually the first to have a hit with it in the U.S. Charts when she was 21), but it doesn’t matter for this question. plenty other folk recorded the song and had hits with it – not least Frank Sinatra was one of them.

  11. They changed q3 on the quiz! Original answer was Calvin as the artist but now they ask for the year of the song which is 2014

  12. Result! Virgin have sorted it out very quickly and removed Billie Holiday as an option (it was there initially Stuart) and I’ve been able to re-do the quiz and get the points. Apparently they hadn’t realised so many had sung it which is rather funny given it’s one of the most covered songs!

    1. Hello All,

      Looks like Virgin Red made TWO booboos on the quiz today.

      It has been reset and I’ve added the new answer for question 3.



      The Reverend

  13. Whilst I’m sure someone has already posted the quiz answers for today, they’re not showing at the moment, so apologies if this is a repeat!
    Q1 11 Q2 Murray Q3 Volga

  14. In the final vault now. I’m pretty sure that I did the latest quiz yesterday as well as today… lol.

  15. Quiz had reset this morning; same correct answers; so added bonus.
    Also noticed that so far this month they have now provided over 2000 points which means that the bonus points for being registered with Virgin companies are no longer required to complete the vaults

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I’d not noticed that the quiz had been reset. It doesn’t look like they’ve changed the answers, either.

      How strange!



      The Reverend

  16. The secret vault prizes appear to have been revealed, when did that happen? 20k & 40k flying club miles are showing as prizes where the secret vaults were.
    Can’t help wondering if something else was planned & fell through or if the flying club miles are there in error. Hardly a secret worth keeping.

    1. Hi Rob,

      I think something else fell through…or that they were waiting on hearing when the airlines can restart tourist routes.

      With Virgin Red, who knows?



      The Reverend

  17. Normally the air miles would be a good prize – but flying round the world is a lot less attractive these days!?!

    Let’s hope they have a long expiry date on them!!

  18. More codes today.
    Tahini from the crispy sprouts recipe tile
    Commons from the uncommon burger recipe tile
    I’m carrying the quiz over to next month

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks- I’d not added these.

      The codes don’t tend to carry over (from what I remember) but the Show & Tell and the next Quiz should.



      The Reverend

  19. Another bonus code; they are certainly ending the month with a flurry of them

    Guacamole from the guacamole recipe tile

    1. Hi Karl,

      Just loaded it to the blog… it should now be on the front page. 🙂


      The Reverend

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