The 12 Vaults of Christmas

Virgin Red Competition – The 12 Vaults of Christmas

Virgin Red Competition – The 12 Vaults of Christmas

Virgin Red are back with another competition – The 12 Vaults of Christmas! There are a number of prizes you can win by taking part everyday. There could also be bonus codes given out which can increase your points so keep an eye out for them on the Virgin Red twitter feed and facebook page. Check back here every day to find the latest Virgin Red Vault Competition Answers. You can also see the bonus codes I’ve found below!

Take Part


For an easy 50 points use my invite code IDTLD3 when you download the app.

Download from –

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

The Prizes

This month the vault prizes for the The 12 Vaults of Christmas Competition are;-

  • Vault 1 – Win 1 of 20 Afternoon Tea
  • Vault 2 – Win 1 of 5 Amber Collections
  • Vault 3  – Win A Night for 2 In Paris
  • Vault 4 –  Win 1 of 5 Velvetisers
  • Vault 5 – 525 Points – Win a new 55″ Ultra HD TV
  • Vault 6 – 775 Points – Win 1 of 5 £200 Gift Cards
  • Vault 7 – 1000 Points – Win 1 of 5 Winter Wardrobes
  • Vault 8 – 1500 Points – Win 1 of 5 Overnight Breaks
  • Vault 9 – 2250 Points – Win 1 of 5 Food Shops
  • Vault 10 – 2500 Points – Win 1 of 100 Bottles of Fizz
  • Vault 11 – 3000 Points – Win a £2k Holiday
  • Vault 12 – 4500 Points – Win 270,000 Flying Points


Day 1 – This or That – 25pts / Code = away – 50pts
Day 2 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – a) 12 (%) Hyde Park | b) Over 2 Billion Paddington Bear | c) Men 70 Metres – 50pts / Code = know – 100pts (they changed the quiz so there are now two sets of answers!)
Day 3 – This or That – 25pts / Code = light – 50pts
Day 4 – This or That – 25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts / Code = nose – 50pts
Day 5 – This or That 25pts / Quiz – a) 22 | b) West Coast | c) Mr Blobby – 50pts / Code = Store – 100pts
Day 6 – This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts / Code = bright – 50pts
Day 7 – This or That – 25pts / Code = need 100pts
Day 8 – This or That – 25pts / Code = ring 50pts
Day 9 – This or That25pts / Quiz – a) Columbia | b) 2012 | c) Panama Tierra Oscura – 50pts / Code = city – 100pts
Day 10 – This or That – 25pts / Code = why 100pts
Day 11 – This or That – 25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts Code = night – 100pts
Day 12 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – a) Macaulay Caulkin | b) Green | c) 2003 – 50pts / Code = felicidad 50pts
Day 13 – This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts / Code = glistening – 100pts
Day 14 – This or That – 25pts / Code = belling 50pts
Day 15 – This or That – 25pts / Code = shade 50pts
Day 16 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – a) Korea | b) Anti-Aging | c) Tencil – 50pts / Code = girl 100pts
Day 17 – This or That – 25pts / Code = faces 50pts
Day 18 – This or That – 25pts / Show & Tell 50pts / Code = play – 100pts
Day 19 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – a) 2017 | b) Silver Birch Sap | c) Aberdeenshire – 50pts / Code = hop 50pts
Day 20 – This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday –25pts / Code = time – 50pts
Day 21 – This or That – 25pts / Code = glows 100pts
Day 22 – This or That – 25pts / Code = hold 50pts
Day 23 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – a) Japan | b) Stormzy| c) dior  – 50pts / Code = rhyme 50pts
Day 24 – This or That – 25pts / Code = dream 250pts
Day 25 – This or That – 25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts / Code = Everyone – 50pts
BONUS CODE – ‘merry redmas’ – 50pts
Day 26 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – a) 1871 | b) St Stephen’s Day | c) Candy Cane Day  – 50pts / Code = outside 50pts
Day 27 – This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts / Code = hear 50pts
Day 28 – This or That – 25pts / Code = delightful 100pts
Day 29 – This or That – 25pts / Code = eve 50pts
Day 30 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – a) Scotland | b) 3 | c) 30th December  – 50pts / Code = underway 50pts
Day 31 – This or That – 25pts / Code = syne 100pts

Check back here tomorrow if you need help with the quiz. If you are having any problems getting the right Virgin Red Competition – The 12 Vaults of Christmas quiz answers, let me know in the comments below and I will help out 🙂

The Reverend’s Tips

Check out this link to my blog page with all my hints and tips!

Virgin Red Hints, Tips & Bonus Points

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    1. Hi Chris,

      Looks like it will be points a plenty this month.

      There is no VIP vault so I expect they might have something special for us at the end of December.


      The Reverend

    2. How on the last day still 400 points to get the last vault, completed all items to get max points.
      Hope you can help.
      Many Thanks.

    1. That’s strange the quiz has disappeared it was there in early hours if this morning but now it’s gone and replaced with profile picture change

    1. Hi Fred,

      Thanks for the note – I’ll update with the new details. An extra 50 points for everyone who took it earlier!



      The Reverend

    1. ooops! I didn’t update the answer.

      I’ve done it now.

      its ‘nose’

      for 50 points.



      The Reverend

  1. Ooops, so “nuts” wasn’t the right answer them I’m guessing?! Ouch! hahaha

    Well, I’ think I’m doing okay; 800 points and I just opened vault 6.

    Have a good day everyone.


  2. The quiz tile on mine has disappeared, I was about to start it and seen the first question but then the app froze so I closed and started again but the quiz was gone and it says I’ve earned all of today’s points. Irritating, I hope it will come back!

  3. I’ve had the quiz reset as well. Definitely seems worth doing it early at the moment. Two resets already this month

  4. As an aside; I wonder how many put Die Hard as their favourite Christmas movie in show and tell.
    It’s a shame they never give out any results for their votes.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I have seen Die Hard AND Die Hard 2 in the boxes at the bottom of the tiles so people are definately putting it.


      The Reverend

  5. Hi thanks to the Rev and everyone who posts the daily codes, but where do you find them? Happy Christmas everyone.

    1. Hi Jacqueline,

      They are on tile #1 on the app.


      You need to know the carol/song but easy to get.


      The Reverend

    1. Hi MacDiverDoofer,

      Thanks for this. I’ll leave it in the comments but wont add it to the main blog. I’m sure there are lots of words for the remainder of the competition that will give bonus points and I know people do like to try and guess them.



      The Reverend

    2. Yes it works. Didn’t know the whole month’s already worked if you guessed them. Hold (from Mud’s Lonely this Christmas) = 50 and Everyone = 100 (Presuming from the Shaky hit)

        1. Play = 100.
          Sorry am I ruining everyone’s fun. I can tell you was eliminated on Strictly last night if you like too

  6. Good Morning. Whilst I have found all the Christmas song clues can you tell me where I find all the extra codes that people are mentioning – like DREAM for example?

    1. Hello Ann Young,

      They are people just ‘guessing’ words that appear at the end of sentences in Christmas songs. It looks like the Virgin Red team have uploaded all the correct answers into the app already so if you can guess it then you can get the points.

      It does mean that when they do the actual clue, you will have already given them the correct answer so wont get the points again, unless they reset it, like they sometimes do with the quizzes.


      The Reverend

  7. Thank you – thought I was missing something somewhere & thank you for the help and hints they are so useful

  8. I found these from guessing words if anyone would like to try them

    50pts – nose belling hop everyone faces shade

    100pts- play

  9. Today’s word

    It’s a Puerto Rican Christmas song by Jose Feliciano which goes –
    Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Prospero año y felicidad

    Literally translated it means
    ” Merry Christmas, a prosperous year and happiness” but the English version of the song is –
    I wanna wish you a merry Christmas
    I wanna wish you a merry Christmas
    I wanna wish you a merry Christmas
    From the bottom of my heart.

  10. I have 1300 points to go to get into the final vault and have used all the guessed codes above too! I hope I make it

  11. I calculate that there is potentially around 2,100 points left up for grabs, 1,500 if you’ve already used the guessed words. So final vault should open.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      It depends whether you’ve been guessing answers for the bonuses. If you haven’t you’ll make it with no issues.


      The Reverend

  12. I keep getting the message this looks familiar you have used this code before when I have not any one else had a problem ?

    1. Hi John,

      I’ve only had that problem if i’ve used a code before.

      Contact customer services and they should be able to investigate.



    2. I have had this problem for last week will not accept anh codes just tells me they look familiar even the extra christmas day one

  13. Hmm…..I still need 1025 points to unlock number 12 and with only 12 days to go?!

    But hey, Christmas is a time for miracles, so here’s hoping 🙂

    Have a great day everyone.

    Paddy x

    1. Hi Paddy,

      I expect there to be 550 points from just the ‘normal’ stuff over the next 12 days.

      That means you’d need 475 points from the remaining bonus codes. I think you’ll hit that with no problems. Even if they are all ‘only’ 50 points between now and xmas thats still 600 points.


      The Reverend

    1. Hi Jean,

      Have you been guessing answers or entering the guesses people have been adding to the comments? If so, you may have already given it and got the points for it.


      The Reverend

      1. No I knew the answer was play so did my mom it just said we used the code before which we did last year when we opened the vaults last year

  14. Tried (time) as I know I have not used it before keeps saying looks familiar has anyone else had this problem. Customer services sent me details of questions so far (yesterday because I kept having the same problem putting in hop) doesn’t help me very much though problem not sorted

    1. Hi Norma,

      When this happens, most of the time it is because the code has been entered already. Its part of the reason I don’t put the ‘guessed’ answers in the main blog as it can cause confusion later on.

      If you wanted to, you can work out whether you’ve had it based on points, unless you’ve used some of the guessed answers already at which point it becomes a lot harder.

      Hope you get it sorted and I’m sure you’ll make it into the last vault with no issues.


      The Reverend

    1. Hi John
      You can check how many codes you have retrieved by looking at the list in your profile for this month – it shows all the points you have won this month and what source eg code or quiz etc.
      Hope this helps.

    1. I am also in the final vault today. Thanks to everyone who posts answers and a very happy and healthy Christmas and New Yearto all. X

  15. Happy Christmas everyone.
    I’ve opened the final vault this morning so now just keeping my fingers crossed that I will be lucky.

    1. I have tried to use that code and noth myself and my partner it says that code looks familiar but we havent used it before unless its the same as another word?

      1. Hi Steve,

        Same here. The word is right Dream but the app says I have used it before and I know I haven’t.
        Contacting VRed now

        1. And with DELIGHTFUL being worth 100 points I have got into the final vault. Can save Monday’s quiz now till January. Losing the Virgin Trains 250 points from next month I’ll need all the help I can

  16. Merry Christmas Everyone.
    Which fits nicely with today bonus word…
    EVERYONE for 50 points. Best wishes and thanks all for assistance with virgin red xx

  17. Still unable to enter the code from 24th “dream” I get the message used before but I have not?? anyone have any ideas?

  18. DREAM = 250 pts has been used on this forum, scroll to 7th December to get details.

    Hope you all had a Merry Christmas

  19. Today vault question wants you to enter ‘ hear’ but the actual lyric for the line quoted is ‘see’.

    Do You Hear What I Hear
    Carrie Underwood

    Said the night wind to the little lamb
    Do you see what I see
    Way up in the sky little lamb
    Do you see what I see
    A star, a star
    Dancing in the night
    With a tail as big as a kite
    With a tail as big as a kite
    Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy
    Do you hear what I hear
    Ringing through the sky shepherd boy
    Do you hear what I hear
    A song, a song
    High above the trees
    With a voice as big as the sea
    With a voice as big as the sea
    Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king
    Do you know what I know
    In your palace wall mighty king
    Do you know what I know
    A child, a child
    Shivers in the cold
    Let us bring him silver and gold
    Let us bring him…

    1. Looks like Virgin got it wrong again then. Might be worth contacting them and seeing if they will give some bonus points for the confusion.
      Just as a point of interest; this song was actually written in 1962 as a plea for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis and was first a hit for Bing Crosby the following year.

      1. I have and their response was:
        ‘ Virgin Red Support (Virgin Red Support)
        27 Dec, 16:18 UTC

        Yes, you are right! We are aware of this and we are in the process of updating the content.

        Thanks for bringing it to our attention 🙂

        So, I don’t hold out much hope of extra points.

  20. I am now very happy that I have got all of the vaults opened for December 2019 just hope I win something for the 1st time in my life!!!!….

    1. You should do if you haven’t used the guessed words.
      2 this or that’s and the Monday quiz gives 100 points The words are a minimum of 50 ; so another 100.
      Syne will probably be New Year’s Eve, which was guessed and gave 100 points; which would give you 250 points total

  21. I’ve just got the final vault opened!! Phew, wasn’t sure I’d make it. Good luck everyone! Great site Reverend – thanks for the tips and help

    1. Hi Faye, my mum won a 3k holiday voucher (we are going to Orlando in Feb) they didn’t quite believe it when we went into the Virgin store in Meadowhall with it. Honestly we were a little skeptical about it at first. That’s how I ended up playing.

  22. 150 prizes up for grabs in the vaults this month so fingers crossed. Happy New Year everyone, hope 2020 brings you health, happiness and maybe even a prize from Virgin.

  23. Quiz had another version. First question changed from city to country (Scotland).,… 50 extra points but still slightly short for final vault

  24. Thought I was 75 points short but went back and tried a few codes from earlier in the month – turned out I hadn’t used store yet and got 100 points so made final vault for first time in months! Thanks everyone for the help.

  25. Tip for extra points- Share the vaults that you’ve entered to FB or Twitter if you haven’t already done so! Go onto each vault individually and click the symbol on the top right corner. Should come up with options to share!

    1. Many thanks. Was 25 points short (wouldn’t let me enter some codes) and this worked
      Again many thanks and Happy 2020

    2. Katrina,

      Thanks, this is an awesome tip! I never knew you could collect extra points from sharing vaults via Twitter. Have a wonderful New Year!

  26. Sharing my vaults 3 times got me the last 75 points I needed. First tine ever I’ve got the last vault! Happy new year folks

  27. 4500 points and last vault unlocked, thank you so much, ever month I come back here for help! Happy new year everyone : )

  28. The first question of the quiz from Monday 30 Dec has changed. The answer is now Scotland.
    The others have stayed the same: 3 and 30th December.

  29. Just a note to say thank you Reverend for your hints and for all your advice re. the Virgin Red. I enjoy playing as a bit of fun, haven’t won anything ever. Just wanted to say many thanks to you and all the other commenters each month. I was delighted to get into the final Vault for the first time ever so thank you! Happy New Year all!

    1. Nice! I see they’re saying exciting things planned for this year, here’s hoping! 🙂 Thanks for this great website.

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