The 12 Vaults of Christmas

Virgin Red Competition – The 12 Vaults of Christmas

Virgin Red Competition – The 12 Vaults of Christmas

Virgin Red are back with another competition – The 12 Vaults of Christmas! There are a number of prizes you can win by taking part everyday. There could also be bonus codes given out which can increase your points so keep an eye out for them on the Virgin Red twitter feed and facebook page. Check back here every day to find the latest Virgin Red Vault Competition Answers. You can also see the bonus codes I’ve found below!

Take Part

For an easy 50 points use my invite code IDTLD3 when you download the app.

Download from –

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

The Prizes

This month the vault prizes for the The 12 Vaults of Christmas Competition are;-

  • Vault 1 – Win 1 of 20 Afternoon Tea
  • Vault 2 – Win 1 of 5 Amber Collections
  • Vault 3  – Win A Night for 2 In Paris
  • Vault 4 –  Win 1 of 5 Velvetisers
  • Vault 5 – 525 Points – Win a new 55″ Ultra HD TV
  • Vault 6 – 775 Points – Win 1 of 5 £200 Gift Cards
  • Vault 7 – 1000 Points – Win 1 of 5 Winter Wardrobes
  • Vault 8 – 1500 Points – Win 1 of 5 Overnight Breaks
  • Vault 9 – 2250 Points – Win 1 of 5 Food Shops
  • Vault 10 – 2500 Points – Win 1 of 100 Bottles of Fizz
  • Vault 11 – 3000 Points – Win a £2k Holiday
  • Vault 12 – 4500 Points – Win 270,000 Flying Points


Day 1 – This or That – 25pts / Code = away – 50pts
Day 2 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – a) 12 (%) Hyde Park | b) Over 2 Billion Paddington Bear | c) Men 70 Metres – 50pts / Code = know – 100pts (they changed the quiz so there are now two sets of answers!)
Day 3 – This or That – 25pts / Code = light – 50pts
Day 4 – This or That – 25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts / Code = nose – 50pts
Day 5 – This or That 25pts / Quiz – a) 22 | b) West Coast | c) Mr Blobby – 50pts / Code = Store – 100pts
Day 6 – This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts / Code = bright – 50pts
Day 7 – This or That – 25pts / Code = need 100pts
Day 8 – This or That – 25pts / Code = ring 50pts
Day 9 – This or That25pts / Quiz – a) Columbia | b) 2012 | c) Panama Tierra Oscura – 50pts / Code = city – 100pts
Day 10 – This or That – 25pts / Code = why 100pts
Day 11 – This or That – 25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts Code = night – 100pts
Day 12 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz – a) Macaulay Caulkin | b) Green | c) 2003 – 50pts / Code = felicidad 50pts
Day 13 – This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts / Code = glistening – 100pts
Day 14 – This or That – 25pts / Code = belling 50pts

Check back here tomorrow if you need help with the quiz. If you are having any problems getting the right Virgin Red Competition – The 12 Vaults of Christmas quiz answers, let me know in the comments below and I will help out 🙂

The Reverend’s Tips

Check out this link to my blog page with all my hints and tips!

Virgin Red Hints, Tips & Bonus Points

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    1. Hi Chris,

      Looks like it will be points a plenty this month.

      There is no VIP vault so I expect they might have something special for us at the end of December.


      The Reverend

    1. That’s strange the quiz has disappeared it was there in early hours if this morning but now it’s gone and replaced with profile picture change

    1. Hi Fred,

      Thanks for the note – I’ll update with the new details. An extra 50 points for everyone who took it earlier!



      The Reverend

  1. Ooops, so “nuts” wasn’t the right answer them I’m guessing?! Ouch! hahaha

    Well, I’ think I’m doing okay; 800 points and I just opened vault 6.

    Have a good day everyone.


  2. The quiz tile on mine has disappeared, I was about to start it and seen the first question but then the app froze so I closed and started again but the quiz was gone and it says I’ve earned all of today’s points. Irritating, I hope it will come back!

  3. As an aside; I wonder how many put Die Hard as their favourite Christmas movie in show and tell.
    It’s a shame they never give out any results for their votes.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I have seen Die Hard AND Die Hard 2 in the boxes at the bottom of the tiles so people are definately putting it.


      The Reverend

    1. Hi Jacqueline,

      They are on tile #1 on the app.


      You need to know the carol/song but easy to get.


      The Reverend

    1. Hi MacDiverDoofer,

      Thanks for this. I’ll leave it in the comments but wont add it to the main blog. I’m sure there are lots of words for the remainder of the competition that will give bonus points and I know people do like to try and guess them.



      The Reverend

    2. Yes it works. Didn’t know the whole month’s already worked if you guessed them. Hold (from Mud’s Lonely this Christmas) = 50 and Everyone = 100 (Presuming from the Shaky hit)

  4. Good Morning. Whilst I have found all the Christmas song clues can you tell me where I find all the extra codes that people are mentioning – like DREAM for example?

    1. Hello Ann Young,

      They are people just ‘guessing’ words that appear at the end of sentences in Christmas songs. It looks like the Virgin Red team have uploaded all the correct answers into the app already so if you can guess it then you can get the points.

      It does mean that when they do the actual clue, you will have already given them the correct answer so wont get the points again, unless they reset it, like they sometimes do with the quizzes.


      The Reverend

  5. Today’s word

    It’s a Puerto Rican Christmas song by Jose Feliciano which goes –
    Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Prospero año y felicidad

    Literally translated it means
    ” Merry Christmas, a prosperous year and happiness” but the English version of the song is –
    I wanna wish you a merry Christmas
    I wanna wish you a merry Christmas
    I wanna wish you a merry Christmas
    From the bottom of my heart.

  6. I calculate that there is potentially around 2,100 points left up for grabs, 1,500 if you’ve already used the guessed words. So final vault should open.

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