Virgin Red Competition – The Big Get Together!

Virgin Red Competition – The BIG Get Together

Virgin Red are back with another competition – The BIG Get Together! There are a number of prizes you can win by taking part everyday. There could also be bonus codes given out which can increase your points so keep an eye out for them on the Virgin Red twitter feed and facebook page. Check back here every day to find the latest Virgin Red Vault Competition Answers. You can also see the bonus codes I’ve found below!

Take Part


For an easy 50 points use my invite code IDTLD3 when you download the app.

Download from –

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

The Prizes

This month the vault prizes for the The BIG Get Together Competition are;-

  • Vault 1 – Win a Bottle of Wine
  • Vault 2 – Win 1 of 5 Family Segway Rally
  • Vault 3 – 600 Points – Win 1 of 4 Couples Collections
  • Vault 4 – 850 Points – Win a 55″ HDR Smart TV
  • Vault 5 – 1150 Points – Win a £2k Holiday Vouchers
  • Vault 6 – 1450 Points- Win 40k Flying Clubs Miles
  • Vault 7 – 2050 Points – VIP Vault


Day 1 – This or That25pts / Quiz : Q1) Man City vs Liverpool | Q2) 4th August | Q3) Wembley – 50pts
Day 2 – This or That25pts / Flash Friday25pts
Day 3 – This or That25pts
Day 4 – This or That25pts
Day 5 – This or That25pts / Quiz : Q1) Eastnor Deer Park | Q2) Happy Mondays | Q3) BMX- 50pts
Day 6 – This or That25pts
Day 7 – This or That25pts / Show & Tell 50pts
Day 8 – This or That25pts / Quiz : Q1) Europe | Q2) Over 130 | Q3) Completely Free – 50pts
Day 9 – This or That25pts / Flash Friday25pts
Day 10 – This or That25pts
Day 11 – This or That25pts
Day 12 – This or That25pts / Quiz : Q1) A Star is Born | Q2) 28th August | Q3) Pretty Woman – 50pts
Day 13 – This or That25pts
Day 14 – This or That25pts / Show & Tell 50pts
Day 15 – This or That25pts / Quiz : Q1) 200th | Q2) Royal Albert Hall | Q3) Mendelssohn – 50pts
Day 16 – This or That25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts
Day 17 – This or That25pts
Day 18 – This or That25pts
Day 19 – This or That25pts / Quiz : Q1) Woman Work | Q2) Reading Gaol | Q3) Sylvia Plath – 50pts
Day 20 – This or That25pts
Day 21- This or That25pts / Show & Tell 50pts
Day 22 – This or That25pts / Quiz : Q1) 1975 | Q2) Billie Eilish | Q3) Reading – 50pts
Day 23 – This or That25pts / Flash Friday25pts
Day 24 – This or That25pts
Day 25 – This or That25pts
Day 26 – This or That25pts / Quiz : Q1) 1966 | Q2) 2.5 Million | Q3) 40,000 – 50pts
Day 27 – This or That25pts
Day 28 – This or That25pts / Show & Tell 50pts
Day 29 – This or That25pts / Quiz : Q1) China | Q2) 32 | Q3) USA – 50pts
Day 30 – This or That25pts / Flash Friday25pts
Day 31 – This or That25pts

Check back here tomorrow if you need help with the quiz. If you are having any problems getting the right Virgin Red Competition – The BIG Get Together quiz answers, let me know in the comments below and I will help out 🙂

The Reverend’s Tips

Check out this link to my blog page with all my hints and tips!

Virgin Red Hints, Tips & Bonus Points

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    1. Hi Nicky,

      Sometimes it is just slow appearing.

      I guess the Virgin Red team were out on a late one last night! 😀


      The Reverend

  1. The answer on the Bristol balloon festival tile is actually over a 100 rather than 130 I believe, so I got it wrong first time around. I contacted virgin red support who sorted me out with my 50pts.

    1. Hello G,

      The answer is still showing correct in my app. I took the answer from the hyperlink on the question which said ‘over 130’ balloons.

      You’ll also still see the answer on the front page of the website

      However, when you looked at the seperate tile about the festival, it did say ‘more than 100’.


      The Reverend

    1. Hi Fluffy,

      Thanks for these. Due to Tube chaos this morning I’ve only just managed to update the blog.


      The Reverend

  2. Just received my winnings, a Love Island Tote bag….
    I have to say sadly I’m unimpressed. A rather basic very cheap thin tote bag worth about 20p at best and has nothing on it.? Has anyone else had one? Is this right? Or have I been sent a dudd

    1. Good Morning Maria,

      Thanks for the answers – I’m glad they’ve stopped putting links to the them in the actual questions. Makes it a bit more of a challenge.


      The Reverend

    1. Wow! Thats quick!

      I’m still a couple of hundred behind but I’m sure I’ll get in.



      The Reverend

  3. Quiz answers:
    2.5 million
    The quiz got my vip vault unlocked for the first time in ages so I’m very happy.

    1. Hi Vincent,

      Well done for unlocking the VIP vault for the first time.

      I’m still a couple of hundred away, but I might just sneak in.


      The Reverend

  4. Quick question ppl, I’m in the VIP vault (woohoo!) can I now save any this or that’s, show and tell and quizzes until Sunday, or will they disappear?

    1. Hi Jackie,

      You can’t save ‘this or thats’ as they renew every day.
      The Quiz and the show and tell do stay. There will be a new quiz tomorrow but then the next quiz will be on monday 2nd September.


      The Reverend

  5. Can’t believe I made it in to the final vault today. I even missed 2 quizzes this month (100 points!) so I thought I’d have no chance. Good luck to everyone else!

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