Virgin Red – Real World Winners!

One of the questions I get on this blog is ‘Does anyone actually win on the Virgin Red competitions’?

I thought I’d post up a few comments that people have shared when they’ve won.

Smaller Prizes

Marshmallows & Drinking Chocolate

The prize was a VIP Vault prize. Its good to hear people winning VIP prizes and they do say on the Virgin Red app that the VIP Vault prizes are ‘special’ but it is obvious they mean ‘fun’ rather than ‘amazing’!

Medium Prizes


Private Screening of FrozenTwo

I’ve put this as a medium prize as I think most people would think this is a bit special – tickets to a private screening of Frozen 2.

Afternoon Tea

A boozy afternoon tea? Must be worth £75-£100 so certainly a prize you’d not pass up if you did win it.

£250 Gift Card

You might think that a £250 gift card would be considered to be a ‘big’ prize but with the Virgin Red app the big prizes are massive.

£75 Virgin Experience Gift Card

I think this is a nice prize on the Virgin Red app and it sits firmly in the ‘middle’ level of prizes you could win.

£100 M&S Gift Card

This winner has won a ‘small’ prize of 6 mini bottle of Prosecco but they also won this gift card – must have been happy with that!

Lunch For 2 at The Ritz

Sunday lunch at The Ritz is priced at £135 per person. You can get ‘Lunch for 2’ via Virgin Experience for £128.

Big Prizes

£3k Holiday Vouchers

What a great prize! Presuming this is a Virgin Holiday voucher I saw that you could get 8 nights all inclusive for £1550pp on a trip to THE MALDIVES! I could certainly tolerate paying the extra £100 for this trip of a lifetime!

270k Flying Club Miles

One of the top prizes and one I’d certainly like winning. This would be enough Flying Club Miles to get you 2 Upper Class tickets from London to Barbados or you could get a first class suite between UK and Japan for two for about 250k points.

The Reverend’s Tip

Don’t forget that I’ve got plenty of hints and tips over on my Virgin Red Hints & Tips page!

The Reverend’s Final Thought

Virgin Red offers plenty of prizes each month. The app is available for free and everyone can play to try and win one of the prizes. There are often comments on my blog posts about whether anyone actually wins and I’m lucky enough that a few people have follow my blog who have won! Join in on the comments and let me know if you you’ve won anything from the Virgin Red App.




  1. Add me to the list as well. I won a £500 House of Fraser gift card a few years back and have also had a tote bag, bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne over the years.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Great to know! A £500 gift card must have been ace to win. It sounds like you’ve been lucky on the Virgin Red competitions.


      The Reverend

  2. Lots of small ones:-
    Pair cinema tickets, twice
    Tub of Oppo ice cream, twice
    Bottle of sparkly, twice,
    Virgin Red media remote, same as standard but with red body instead of black

    It doesn’t really matter what you win, it’s all fun.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      “It doesn’t really matter what you win, it’s all fun.”

      I think that is definitely the right attitude to have with the Virgin Red competitions.


      The Reverend

  3. A few years ago; around the time they did Rocktober; I won two tickets to see Southampton v Huddersfield in the Premier League.
    Also there were two occasions around the same time when I had a voucher for a free small tub of ice cream; unfortunately though no one sold it near me.

  4. Couple of years ago I won front row tickets to see Elton John so it’s well worth the few moments a day on the app!

  5. I’ve won a few times. I long time ago now, definitely due another win! lol

    2 x Tub of Oppo ice cream
    2 x Bottles of fizz

  6. I won a weekend for 2 in Paris, but didn’t use the voucher, worth £750, so I swapped it with experience days for.., astrophotography course, indoor skydiving x2, ice climbing x2, falconry, whiskey tasting, beer tasting, gin tasting, afternoon tea x5, wine and meats tasting. Better than a weekend away! I’ve also won a box of chocolates, 2 bottles if prosecco, cinema tickets, ice cream and a gym day pass. So definitely worth doing it each day!!

  7. I’ve had a few wins:
    * A bottle of prosecco
    * A wearable blanket thing
    * A train driving simulator experience for 5 including first class rail travel from London to Edinburgh

    1. Hi Ben,

      First class rail travel from London to Edinburgh? Thats probably one of the most expensive prizes they’ve ever given! 😀


      The Reverend

  8. Hi,
    I won a spa day for 2 with 50 minute treatments and fizz. They actually made a mistake and sent me a voucher for a spa day with 20 minute treatment. When I told them they let me keep the original voucher and sent new the correct one so I ended up with 2!

  9. I won a USB Memory Stick a while ago and today I received an e-mail informing me I had won 1 of 1000 Powergel Shots. Which will go down nicely with a Greggs Steak Bake.

  10. Congratulations to all the lucky Virgin Red winners!

    Really confused by all the multiple wins though, especially as I and soooooooo many others have played solidly, every day for years and years and won zero…very strange, extremely disheartening.

  11. Me too, just the one win so far after years of playing it. November 2018 I played the auction for 200,000 Airmiles. Put my bet down as £46 and won it. So an Upper Class return to Grenada was our treat that year!

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