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Virgin Red Vaults – January 2021

UPDATE 4/1/21

email just received from Virgin Red Vaults…. This will be the last month

I have some pretty big news to share! After four amazing years the Vaults app will be closing on the 31st January 2021 to make way for our shiny and new rewards club Virgin Red, where the rewards revolve around everything you need, love and want.

Virgin Red Vaults – January 2021!

Not really sure what is going on. There doesn’t appear to be a theme for this month – just a MASSIVE PUSH to get people back to Virgin Red (and not on Virgin Red Vaults…. Remember when this used to be all fields? :D)

Take Part


For an easy 50 tokens use my invite code IDTLD3 when you download the app.

Download from –

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

The Prizes

This month the vault prizes  are;-

  • Vault 1 – Win 25 Virgin Points
  • Vault 2 – 500 Tokens – Win 1 of 30 – 50 Virgin Points
  • Vault 3 – 750 Tokens – Win 1 of 20 – 500 Virgin Points
  • Vault 4 – 900 Tokens – Win 1 of 20 – 2500 Virgin Points
  • Vault 5 – 1200 Tokens – Win 1 of 10 – 5k Virgin Points
  • Vault 6 – 1500 Tokens – Win 1 of 6 – 10k Virgin Points
  • Vault 7 – 1800 Tokens – Win 1 of 3 – 20k Virgin Points
  • Vault 8 – 2000 Tokens – Win 40k Virgin Points
  • Vault 9 – 2100 Tokens – Win 50k Virgin Points

Do people actually win the prizes? Hell yeah! A number of followers of this blog have told us about the prizes they’ve won.

Virgin Red – Real World Winners!


(check last months post if you can still do the Quiz and want help with the answers)

Day 1 This or That 25tkn / Flash Friday – 25tkn
Day 2 This or That 25tkn
Day 3 This or That 25tkn
Day 4 This or That – 25tkn / Quiz – Q1, A Rewards Club | Q2, Virgin Points | Q3, All of The Above! 50tkn
Day 5 This or That 25tkn
Day 6 This or That – 25tkn / Show & Tell – 50tkn
Day 7 This or That – 25tkn / Quiz – Q1, January | Q2, 2014 | Q3, Trying Veganism 50tkn
Day 8 This or That 25tkn / Flash Friday – 25tkn
Day 9 This or That 25tkn
Day 10 This or That 25tkn
Day 11 This or That – 25tkn / Quiz – Q1, Both | Q2, Yes to all of them | Q3, Both! 50tkn
Day 12 This or That 25tkn
Day 13 This or That – 25tkn / Show & Tell – 50tkn
Day 14 This or That – 25tkn / Quiz – Q1,  25 | Q2,  Flash Friday | Q3, 9 50tkn
Day 15 This or That 25tkn / Flash Friday – 25tkn
Day 16 This or That 25tkn
Day 17This or That 25tkn
Day 18 This or That – 25tkn / Quiz – Q1, 1994 | Q2, Will Smith | Q3, Tiger Woods 50tkn
Day 19This or That 25tkn
Day 20 This or That – 25tkn / Show & Tell – 50tkn
Day 21 This or That – 25tkn / Quiz – Q1, Orchid | Q2, Hosta | Q3, Aloe Vera 50tkn
Day 22 This or That 25tkn / Flash Friday – 25tkn
Day 23 – This or That 25tkn
Day 24 – This or That 25tkn
Day 25 This or That – 25tkn / Quiz – Q1, The Revenant | Q2, Captain Jack Sparrow | Q3, The Ocean Trilogy 50tkn
Day 26 – This or That 25tkn
Day 27 This or That – 25tkn / Show & Tell – 50tkn
Day 28 This or That – 25tkn / Quiz – Q1, 50 | Q2, 7 | Q3, 5 50tkn
Day 29 This or That 25tkn / Flash Friday – 25tkn
Day 30 – This or That 25tkn
Day 31 – This or That 25tkn

Bonus Codes – ‘Tote’ ‘Camel’ ‘Sausageroll’ ‘Prosecco’ ‘Experience’ ‘Record’  – 25tkn

Check back here tomorrow if you need help with the quiz. If you are having any problems getting the right Virgin Red Vaults Competition – quiz answers, let me know in the comments below and I will help out 🙂

The Reverend’s Tips

Check out this link to my blog page with all my hints and tips!

Virgin Red Hints, Tips & Bonus Points

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  1. Has anyone not had their verified points post yet? I’m still on 900 for this month having left the quiz from Dec and done all my shares, profile photo change, etc – seem to be missing the 750 from being verified. I’ve also looked back and I think that’s why I was 100 short for opening the last vault in December, I’d done everything but hadn’t realised my verified points hadn’t posted!

    1. That tallies with mine Pavane, I’m on 975 (only one verification) and doing the quiz etc from last month.
      Alan, 900 seems high without any verifications – have you checked your points history in settings – perhaps you have one verification through but others missing?

  2. My V Atlantic was verified yesterday but my media wasn’t added until today. Seems strange they aren’t doing all of the verifications at the same time.
    Happy New Year everyone.

  3. I just won 500 points from December draws – absolutely unexpectedly! Thought these point runs were a con, tbh, but no longer so!

  4. How on earth can you get 900 without any verified points? I am only on 785 with 500 verified points included. What am I missing please?

  5. Viv, tap on your profile picture, then the three dots top right , settings ,invite friends, share your individual code 50 times, (I do this to My story on Facebook) ,it takes forever, but worth it for 500 extra points.

    1. Also, you don’t need to actually share .. you can select ‘copy’ and it still works. Though agree it is time consuming!

  6. You can “share” any page from the website…send it to your own email address….50 times! 500 points. Don’t think it’s Vault dependant.

  7. The prizes leave a bit to be desired this month. 25 points?
    500 points is 2 sausage rolls so I make that prize worth 9p

  8. Has anyone else noticed that the quiz answers always seem to be just top- top – bottom,? Feels like every one follows this pattern, including todays

  9. Just had an email to say Virgin Red Vaults is closing and everything is moving to the Virgin Red app. The reviews on Google play are attrocious. I hope there’s a web version for redeeming rewards. Why does every company think that people want yet another app on their phone for something that is poorly designed and doesn’t work.

    I’ve been on a bit of a break from the Vaults for the last few weeks and I’m not that bothered about toiling through January now.It was a bit of fun, but I don’t care any more.

  10. I’ve checked out the new Virgin Red app a number of times, but it’s just a shallow attempt at copying the Avios/BA Executive Rewards program. No games, no fun, just points in return for using their online shopping portal as far as I can tell.

    Given that I don’t fly Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Fibre is not available in my area, I think my time with Virgin Red may be up. Pity, because I have actually won at least two prizes from the vaults.

  11. Well boogers, they’re closing the app (as we know it) and I’ve played for years without so much as winning a pair of socks! Guess the sock dream is over!

  12. I agree – I can’t get virgin media in my area either so for me Virgin Red Points looks like just a shopping portal – which I won’t be using – much prefer to go through top cash back and see my reward in hard cash as opposed to points to spend in limited places its a real shame there won’t be any competition or prize element. It used to be fun.

  13. The dream is over. I have faithfully completed the Virgin app every day for years and my total prize haul has been a voucher for a tub of Oppo ice cream. Every month I try my luck and am genuinely happy when people post that they have won a prize while being a tad disappointed that it isn’t me. Last chance to win this month

  14. Dear The Reverend,

    Do you have plans to put up a new post for Virgin Red from next month? I reckon they’ll introduce the same things we see on the Vaults now to gain and win points, such as This or That.

  15. After four amazing years the Vaults app will be closing on the 31st January 2021 to make way for our shiny and new rewards club Virgin Red, where the rewards revolve around everything you need, love and want.

  16. Funny as I had decided to make January my last month on the app as it’s not any fun anymore. Will miss The Reverend more though. I’d best get acquainted with what else he has to offer here!

  17. I have been playing everyday for the last 4 years and I have never won! I won a virgin media competition for cinema tickets for frozen 2 but I think everyone that entered won anyway! Like others have said it used to be fun but since they changed it, it got boring. But I still continued to play! Why fix something that ain’t broken? Anyway I’m actually going to miss this page and the reverend way more! Good luck everyone hopefully everyone will win something this month with it being their last!

  18. Okay Reverend!

    I need a new contest….keeping in mind I live in the far north…so London stuff won’t be any good for me. Suggestions?

  19. Thankfully it’s January and as it’s the longest month there are almost 300 days to go until ‘Points Refresh’.

    I have a feeling everyone will win at least 25 virgin points, just to keep us all sweet!

  20. BONUS CODES : CAMEL..RECORD..PRESECCO :SAUSAGEROLL(all one word): EXPERIENCE , hope this gets you a few extra points , happy new year to all , and a safe one , respect allways ken

  21. Played every day never won a thing. Visit The Reverend just for the giggles some people post. No chance to win after today and the points are useless to me as cant afford the tax on flights and never ever online shop as I prefer to see something live before I buy, in cash. (Probably because of my age, I am no speing chicken) Its been fun guys but I am no longer using any Virgin apps.

  22. What a shame! I’ve yet to win anything, but the thought of boosting my points for my US trip always kept me going. Now the only option is online shopping…
    Here’s hoping we all win spittle something this month! Happy 2021 to you all!

  23. Just wanted to thanks Rev for all the hard work and grafting you’ve done for all of us over the years with Virgin games! I tip my hat to you sir!

    All the best

  24. Can’t agree more. You’ve brightened up many a dull moment with your friendly and witty site. It’s been an especially good distraction over the last ten months. Many thanks!

  25. I’ve just opened the Final Final Vault.

    Cannot see any use to Virgin Red – adiós!

    “So long and thanks for all the fish…….”


  26. Anyone else having problems using the app? Every time I click to do today’s activities I get the message “Oops – secure connection failed”
    This started yesterday, which is frustrating because I’m 100 points short of opening the final vault!

  27. Final vault for me too. . . .
    A shame to see the demise of vaults, been a daily activity for a long time now and a subliminal message to keep Virgin products in mind.
    Virgin Red just looks to me like another marketing website of limited benefit. I’ll probably now slowly drift away from Virgin Broadband and Money to competitive products.

  28. I’m also in the final vault & would love to use these points towards a trip to Disneyland with my granddaughter or maybe Las Vegas for my belated 60th birthday treat – decisions decisions!

  29. I feel that today’s quiz – all about the vaults – is a kick in the teeth for those who haves for along time. Oh, there are 2 weeks to go before we shut down, let’s have a quiz about the ‘game’ we are ending! Very disappointing that this it what they have com up with!
    I had a survey request about the new app, and none of my answers were positive as it is just a shopping platform to earn points. I hate these so will not be us using it.

    1. I did the same. I’m already heavily committed to the BA Executive Club program, so I have no use for the Virgin shopping site.

      1. You might know this already, but in case you don’t, BA have just joined forces with Nectar, so you can now convert your nectar points into Ba Avios.

  30. Just to say thank you Rev for all the effort you have given over the years. I will miss this site very much. Good luck and take care everyone, let’s hope better times are coming for us all.

  31. I have now signed up to YouGov where you can do surveys and earn money. Once you have banked £50, you can withdraw it to your bank account.

    My wife has done it for some time and you earn about £1 for each survey, so it’s not too bad, and you do actually get cash at the end of it!

    1. Thanks Pavane, I’ve had a look and joined the app.

      Are there any other parts of the Reverend’s blog that people would recommend?

  32. I’ve finished the vaults, just 2 flash Fridays to go. Big thanks to The Reverend and the community for all the help with tactics, answers, and bonus words.
    Maybe there will be comps on the new app and we’ll be back

  33. Today is the time to have your say to Virgin and what you think of the new VR app. Show and tell are asking for your opinion on the app. So act now

  34. Many thanks Reverend for your loyalty and commitment to guiding us all towards the VIP vaults monthly. I will miss the chat here too.

  35. I would like to echo other peeps by thanking The Reverend for running this blog post for us. Also to everyone who has posted and helped others in getting all of us as many points as possible. Much appreciated.

    1. I would also like to thank The Reverend and everyone who has helped with answers. I will really miss this site. It’s a bit of fun in the morning. I have been playing for about 3 years and have won a pizza. .

  36. Well I’m in the final Vault – been great playing along, thanks to the Rev and all – managed to win cinema tickets and chocolate over the last couple of years!
    Good luck everyone and stay safe

  37. Will miss the vaults but will miss this page more. Thanks Rev – it’s been a blast! So grateful for all the answers, and thanks too, to all who have posted answers and highlighting the errors, allowing us all an extra 50 points! Ha!
    Stay safe all
    Gooner 🙂

    1. Yes. Looking forward to this. Means there’s still a bit of fun involved instead of Judy rewards for spending money!

  38. Well done the Rev et al.

    Will miss the daily dream of winning something worthwhile but only ending up with a bottle of bubbly over the last few years.


  39. Thanks to all on this site, of course especially Rev, from a predominantly lurking person.
    I’ve been playing for a few years and never won a bean. A friend won an Amazon voucher in her first month last year.

  40. Many thanks to everyone on here and especially the Rev.
    Like most people I haven’t one a thing in the few years on here, but it’s the camaraderie that will be missed the most.

  41. Can’t believe it’s our last day!!
    Thanks to the Rev for keeping it real – and everyone that has contributed to finding clues and codes! What are we gonna fill the vault void with?!?!
    Farewell my friends
    Ang x

  42. Thank you so much reverend, such a shame to see virgin red vaults going! This blog really helped me so thank you so much for everything. Take care everyone x

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