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Did you know that it is possible you might have some Amazon credit that you aren’t aware of? I checked my account just now and I had over £6 in credit that I didn’t know I had. To find out whether you have any credit, read on!


  1. First you need to make sure you are logged into your account.
  2. Then Visit THIS PAGE on Amazon.
  3. Click the ‘Check Balance’ button
  4. This then brings up a box with your gift card balance and also your Amazon Credit for digital media ! (shown here as £6.05 Amazon Video Credit)
  5. Amazon Credit Digital Media Balance

How to Earn Amazon Credit for Digital Media

As an Amazon Prime subscriber, Amazon offers me all my orders with ‘free’ next day delivery. I say ‘free’ because I do pay them £79.99 a year for this service! Luckily in the 10 years I’ve been subscribing to Amazon Prime they have increased what they offer and it now includes other benefits.

The secret to earning Amazon Credit for Digital Media is all down to your delivery choices. When I order something from Amazon I get a number of delivery choice options. These range from ‘Same-Day’ (when you need something super-quick) to a ‘Free Nominated Day’ (That I find useful if I’m going to be away for a couple of days). Sometimes, hidden in these offerings is a ‘No Rush’ offering.

Amazon Credit Digital Media - No Rush Delivery Option

Here, as well as buying something, I get £1 credit to spend against something from the Amazon Video, Kindle Books or Amazon Music stores. This is a good example as for the £22.99 cost I get ;-

  1. 1 x Physical Album
  2. 1 x Digital Album available from the Amazon MP3 Music player app.
  3. £1 credit towards something else.

Quite a bargain, I do think.

How Will I Spend My Amazon Credit?

Now I have this credit I need to spend it! One of the best ways I’ve found is on Kindle Books. I do enjoy reading so spending it on more books for my Kindle seems like a good use of the credit. I may also spend it on an Amazon Video rental as occasionally I do like to watch something that isn’t on Amazon Prime Video.

How to Get Amazon Prime

You can read my opinion on Amazon Prime and why I have it on a previous blog post. The best way is to try their Amazon Prime service on the 30 day free trial they give you. Click on the banner below to read find out more about it and get your free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime.


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