The Reverend Watches … Thor: Ragnarok

The Reverend Watches … Thor: Ragnarok

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As you will have seen from my other tv/film reviews, I’m a massive fan of comic-book movies. This weekend I had the chance to go a see the latest Thor movie. The first Thor movie was great, the 2nd one a lot better. This film had a lot to live up to and seeing as ‘Captain America: Civil War’ wasn’t up to the usual standards of a Marvel film, I was hoping this would get them back on track.

Thor: Ragnarok Summary


Thor returns back to Asgard after an unsuccessful search for the missing Infinity stones. He discovers that Loki has returned and has been impersonating Odin for the 2 years he has been gone. A quick visit to Earth, and a bump into Doctor Strange, they head to Norway to meet Odin. Odin explains that he is going to die and that Loki & Thor have another sibling – Hela, Goddess of Death. And wouldn’t you know it? The darnest thing! She is released from her prison when Odin dies.

She appears on queue and Thor pounces into action. As they are fighting, Loki calls to have the Bifrost opened and as the two of them are making their way back to Asgard, Hela follows them and forces them off the Bifrost to be expelled somewhere else. Hela makes it to Asgard where she resurrects her fallen soldiers and does some redecorating of the main hall ceiling.

Thor lands on a planet which looks to be where all the stuff from worm-holes ends up. He is quickly caught and soon ends up as prisoner of the ruler of the planet. The glorious leader is played by Jeff Goldblum and is a wonderful character. Thor is then forced to battle for entertainment and is told if he can beat the greatest warrior so far, he will win his freedom. Plot twist – The ‘greatest warrior so far’ is The Hulk!

The ‘good team’ manage to escape after inciting a revolution and head back to Asgard. Much fighting happens and strangely, for a Marvel movie, they don’t defeat Hela and run away. She still gets her comeuppance, while the good guys escape off into the distance.

There are 2 mid-credit scenes for you to enjoy.

Image of Cast of Thor: Ragnarok

Reverend Reviews

OMG! What should have been a great film really fell down early doors. Thor starts by making loads of jokes and these continue throughout the whole film. This was a thing which continues in almost every scene. Its like they had a draft and handed it back to the writers saying, “Every scene needs to start with a joke, end with a joke, and have loads of jokes in the middle.”

There is whole sections that don’t make sense. There is no need for Doctor Strange to appear. There is no explanation on why The Hulk is stuck for 2 years as ‘The Hulk’. Why does Odin have to die? How come he dies so quickly? Why didn’t he think to warn his son/s that if he ever dies, the Goddess of Death would appear?

It really did feel like it wasn’t a Thor film. I’m not sure I like this new Thor direction….but then I suppose the movie studio don’t care for my opinion.

Who is in it?

Thor – Chris Hemsworth

Loki – Tom Hiddleston

Hela – Cate Blanchett

Hemidall – Idris Elba

Grandmaster – Jeff Goldblum

Valkyrie – Tessa Thompson

Skurge – Karl Urban

The Hulk/Bruce Banner – Mark Ruffalo

Odin – Anthony Hopkins


I went to the cinema to watch this. It was Cineworld in Wandsworth, a new cinema for me. There was a pleasant surprise in that the seats were roomy and they could recline. They also were covered in a leatherette which made them feel more special than the usual fabric seats cinema’s have.



A single Adult ticket to watch Thor: Ragnarok at the cinema cost me £14 for a Saturday night viewing.



    1. Its still a ‘good’ film, don’t get me wrong. It just feels like it was re-written to be more like deadpool rather than a serious marvel film.



      The Reverend

  1. I was really looking forward to this and I’d managed to avoid all trailers and reviews, aside from this one. I’m glad I read this as I’ll proceed with caution and not get my hopes up too high when I watch it now as I hate it when things don’t make sense and seem illogical in films! What a shame.x

    1. Hi Caz,

      Although I do talk a little about the action/film, I’ve tried to keep all the spoilers hidden. It is a good film but just not as good as it should have been.

      Compared to Thor 1 & 2, it goes in a different direction and that didn’t feel right to me.


      The Reverend

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