Funk And Soul Classics by Craig Charles

The Reverend Listens To … Funk And Soul Classics by Craig Charles

Recently I got to see Craig Charles’ Funk And Soul Club at the House of Common gig in London. It was amazing and reminded me that I do love a bit of funk & soul. He entertained the crowds with classics and made me want to buy a funk & soul album. Luckily  he has done a number of Funk And Soul Club albums and I wanted to grab his first album, the Funk And Soul Classics.

What Format?


I prefer to buy physical music so get most of my albums on CD or vinyl. This album is a triple CD album and so I bought it in that format. I suppose it depends what you prefer as you might not want CDs or records taking up space in your home.

Buy it

You can purchase this album from any music shop or on-line store. I got it from Amazon as I’ve got Prime membership so it is delivered next day.

Stream It

I understand a lot of people don’t want to buy physical media and are happy streaming their music. Here are the links for the album.
Funk & Soul Classics – Craig Charles : Spotify


The CD was bought from Amazon and cost £9.09. One of the benefits of buying physical media music from Amazon is that they automatically load the music onto their Amazon Player music app. This is quite a useful feature and means you can listen to the songs the moment you have purchased them. A strange abnormality is that it can be cheaper to buy the physical CD and have it posted to you than to buy the MP3s. You still get a digital version downloaded onto the Amazon Player so its pretty much the same thing!

Amazon are also doing £1 digital credit for certain purchases and this included the CD. I do rent films from Amazon Video but more importantly I do buy plenty of books for my Kindle. Thanks for the extra discount!


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