Vinyl Deal – Rage Against The Machine

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Vinyl Deal – Rage Against The Machine by Rage Against The Machine

Last year I treated myself to a record player and some speakers. I wasn’t a CD buyer growing up and now I’m older I have decided that I want to enjoy the act of listening to music a little more, so a Record Player was purchased.

Just a quick heads-up to any other Vinyl heads or people who want to buy some vinyl for friends and family. You can currently get the self-title Rage Against The Machine album on vinyl for less than £8!

Order Confirmation from Amazon for the Rage Against the Machine Vinyl

What Format?


Vinyl! Obviously! You can get it in other formats but this is a blog post about getting the vinyl for less than £8! I do have a copy of one of the tracks from this in my iTunes library but I’ll tell you about that later.

Buy it


Currently it is only £7.64 delivered. I have Amazon Prime so get free delivery. Bearing in mind vinyl are an awkward size and shape, even if Amazon can deliver it the next day for £1.50 – which I doubt – then you are paying just over £5 for a new vinyl. A billy bargain!

The Reverend’s Fun Fact

The reason I have this already is due to Simon Cowell. Cast your mind back to 2009 – The X-Factor was on course for another Christmas Number 1. Out of no-where a campaign appeared on Facebook to block the X-Factor from having its christmas number 1. But what song should people use to do this? There really was only 1 choice “Killing in the Name”. It beat the winner of the X-Factor and cemented itself in history.

It was such a big deal, and there was only 10% difference in purchases between the two.  The BBC covered on their website

The Reverend was one of half a million people who purchased the Rage Against The Machine track and as such, I claim this as a win for me through taking part!



    1. Hi,

      Yeah – I know. The are usually around twice the price at least. And this is a seminal album!


      The Reverend

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