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Dip & Flip


With the New Year slowly creeping up I thought it was about time I did another blog and a restaurant review seemed like a good place to start. Exploring Brixton in London I was feeling peckish and there are tons of great places to eat – a world of food is available. Today I was feeling like a burger (“thats funny, you didn’t look like one!”) and although I was nearly tempted by a Nandos, I found a Dip & Flip.

If you don’t live in London then bad luck, their four sites are all in London. Rarely for a London based restaurant they are all south of the river – Brixton, Battersea, Tooting and Wimbledon. It has actually been a year since I last went to a Dip&Flip and this was the one in Battersea that I found completely by accident. I remember it being Christmas time as there were only two tables eating when I went, my table for 2 and a Christmas party of 18!

The Menu

The menu at Dip & Flip is in two parts. You have the burgers in one section but you have a special section at the top. This is where you can get ‘proper’ dipped meat sandwiches. They offer lamb, beef or chicken but only as long as they have some left. They only cook a limited amount of the ‘meats’ so when they are gone, they’re gone! You may have seen dipped sandwiches on Man Vs Food and I’ve never seen them offered before in my travels round London. I must admit that the idea of a double-dipped meat roll does appeal but I was wearing a new shirt and I knew it was possible that I’d be wearing more gravy than I want to!

Dip & Flip Menu

I went for the cheese-burger with a portion of fries and an Oreo milkshake. At the last moment of ordering I also went for a snack of chicken wings. I do love me some chicken wings! The waiter took the order on a tablet and put the chicken wings through separately so that we would get them before the burgers.

Although we did get the them first, the burgers were quick to follow. Not the biggest problem in the world but a slight annoyance. The burgers are the main event and that’s where we move to next. But just before that I will introduce you to the table ‘decorations’ – the kitchen roll is a mandatory requirement here, even if you don’t have the double-dipped sandwich.

Dip & Flip Condiments with Kitchen Roll

The Milkshake

Actually, I should talk about the milkshake now. I really enjoy vanilla milkshakes but as Dip & Flip have an Oreo milkshake (a choice of mine at Byron Burger) I thought I’d go for that. They offer their milkshakes in 2 sizes and I went for the ‘tin’ which was 640ml of pure ice-cream. Everything was on course for a great milkshake experience….and then I tasted it. They had used chocolate ice-cream instead of vanilla ice-cream! What a mistake to make! The chocolate taste really ruined the milkshake but I did manage half of it before I admitted defeat (and worked out why it didn’t taste good).

Dip & Flip - Oreo Milkshake

Chicken Wings

There were 8 bits of chicken in the portion, 4 wings separated into 2 pieces. They tasted covered in a Sriracha sauce and didn’t have much crunch from frying but I have certainly had worse wings. Chicken Wings were mediocre and the milkshake was a disappointment. It would take an excellent burger to raise this meal up to standard.  Luckily they did this and the burger was a treat!

The Burger

Dip & Flip Burger, Chips and Gravy

If you have followed my other burger restaurant reviews on this blog you’ll notice something different. Usually I have my burgers Naked/Skinny/Healthy/whatever. I’m not a massive fan of burger bread/buns and so avoid them or swap them for a side salad. At Dip & Flip the brioche bun is mandatory as you need to bath it in that lovely tray of gravy. The chips come lightly seasoned and have a good crunch to them that is sometimes missing from burger joints. You will also see at the top of the tray some wet-wipes to help clear up the mess after eating the burger. Little known fact about me, I eat my burgers with a knife and folk so I managed to keep my face and hands fairly clean. Not entirely as plenty of the chips got dipped in the gravy!

The burger, the chips and the gravy were all excellent – definitely a recommendation from me if you are in south London and fancy a burger. The dinning experience is casual and the restaurant has good music playing in the background. Louder than ‘background’ but quiet enough to have conversations at a normal volume. The Brixton restaurant has benches/sofas/tables and ‘social’ tables (read:big tables for lots of people to sit at!) so your seating is whatever you fancy! They also have a late license and djs on until the early hours – you can read more about it here.

There was something strange about the lady in the gravy-boat. And if it isn’t clear, she is holding a BURGER in her hand!

I can recommend Dip & Flip and don’t feel like you have to have the dipped sandwiches, the burgers are also excellent. Skip the snacks and if you like chocolate milkshakes, you’ll love the Oreo milkshake they have. The meal was reasonably priced (less expensive than its high-street counterparts) and extremely tasty. Check it out when you are in London.

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