Costa Coffee – £3 Free (300 Points)

You will have seen from other blog posts that you can get plenty of free hot drinks if you fancy a drink while out and about. I am aware of other coffee chains so this post is about Costa Coffee and how you can get 300 bonus points when you join their loyalty scheme using my link.

Step 1 – Get the Costa Coffee App

Tap on my referral link to claim 100 bonus points and this is worth £1 to spend in any Costa Coffee shop. The app is available for free and can be found on this link, regardless of whether you are on iOS or Android.

Step 2 – Visit a Costa Cofffe Shop

Nice and simple this one. Just visit any Costa Coffee and buy a drink. Don’t forget to use the App to collect your new points.

Step 3 – Get your Bonus £2 (200 Points)

An Image of the Costa Coffee App home page

Once you’ve made your first purchase open the Costa app and you should see you extra 200 points – these are worth £2!

Step 4 – Invite YOUR friends with your code

An image of the Costa Coffee Refer a friend page

On the ‘Settings’ section of the app, it has a link titled ‘Collet Bonus Points’ and says ‘Invite your friends’.  On it you’ll see your own ‘Invite a Friend’ link. Share this with your friends and you’ll get bonus points when your friend downloads the app and starts collecting points.

Step 5 – Get More Free Drinks – Collect Points

Now you have the app you can collect points with every purchase of a hot drink. £1 = 5 Points so you can use your Costa Coffee point balance to pay towards your drinks in any Costa Coffee shop. One of the added bonuses of the app is that on the homepage you can also choose to collect points from the coffee machines you find in shops and petrol stations! Never miss out on points again!

The Reverend’s Tip

Costa Coffee don’t offer you any bonus points but do give you a 25p discount for using your own cup. this would be the equivolent of getting just over 1 point (valued at 20p). They do also occasionally have bonus point offers so make sure you check out my other blog posts to see how you can build up your Costa Coffee point balance.




  1. I’ll be honest (and probably in the minority here) and say I don’t like Costa. I have a card but haven’t used it in a few years. Had a chocolate shake that made me sick and tasted fowl while the hot chocolate is luke-warm and basically just milk. BUT I can’t say no to a freebie – might be £1-3 quid off a teabag & hot water because that’s all I’d drink in there any more Very user-friendly tutorial!
    Caz xx

    1. Hi Caz,

      I’m not a coffee drinker – but I often am with people who do drink it.

      I’ve found costa to be one of the nice tea offerings on the high street. They also have offers for various things (cheaper breakfasts/bonus points/discounted treats) which is bad for me as I walk past one in my commute to the office.

      I struggle with ALL high-street hot chocoloates except for the Hot Chocolate Milano from Caffe Nero. Its more expensive but tastes better and comes pre-mixed so people can’t ruin it!



      The Reverend

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