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Free Caffe Nero Hot Drink – October 2018

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Free Caffe Nero Hot Drink

Just seen this offer for a free hot drink from Caffe Nero. I previously shared an offer they did from the Metro and also just a general code from the app but this looks to be an offer available for Telegraph readers…that works for everyone!

What can I get?


As per the last deal you can order any hot drink. Most importantly it can be any size! Treat yourself to a Milano Hot Chocolate (probably what I’ll be doing!) or anything from the menu.


If you’ve not used the Caffe Nero App then start from the beginning. If you have already got it then jump to item 4.

  1. Download the App (Apple / Android)
  2. Create Account
  3. Click Settings
  4. Via your phone browser click THIS LINK
  5. You should now be given a free hot drink QR code
  6. Visit Caffe Nero and scan QR code to get your free hot drink

The Reverend’s Tip

Although it hasn’t worked for me, some people have been able to get the an additional free drink by using the code ‘WELCOMETONERO2018’ in the add promo code part of the settings.






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