Free Pint of Amstel from Fullers Pubs During the World Cup


Free Pint of Amstel from Fullers Pubs

I’m sure you have hardly noticed, but did you know the World Cup is on? Thanks to this competition you can get a free pint of Amstel from a number of Fullers Pubs!

How Do You Get Your Free Drink?


Head over the Fullers website and go to the Beautiful Game tab. There is a direct link here or you can just click on the carousel at the top of the screen on the Fullers Website until it brings up the Beautiful Game image. Click on that image to go to the page.



When the roulette wheels stops spinning you will be allocated a country. The website will then ask for you to enter your details including your email address and you’ll be sent a voucher which is valid twice. Once during the Group Stages and then once during the Knockout Stage.


The Terms and Conditions

Check out the t&c’s for this promotion here. It also shows the list of pubs included which you can view here.

The Reverend’s Tip

I know you all like my tips so here is one to allow you to get MORE free pints!

Tip #1

If you use the Incognito Mode/Private Browsing then you can keep going back to the webpage and spin to get a team playing when you want your free pint. You only give your email address after you’ve spun the wheel so you can keep trying until you’ve got a country playing when you are going to the pub.

Tip #2

Again, using Incognito Mode/Private Browsing, you can get multiple vouchers by using different email addresses. You will need to print out each voucher you get and the bar staff may get suspicious if you keep presenting them loads of vouchers but there is no reason why they shouldn’t be valid.


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