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How to get a free Caffè Nero Hot Drink?

How to get a Free Caffè Nero Hot Drink

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(#Affiliate Link – This blog post includes a link that provides me with 2 free drinks if you use it. I have not been paid by Caffè Nero for this post)

Everyone loves a drink while they are out and about and I’m no exception. The only thing better than a lovely hot chocolate is a lovely FREE hot chocolate. This blog post shows you how to get a free drink from Caffè Nero

Step 1 – Get the Caffè Nero App

Caffe Nero Loyalty Card Free Drink app

Tap on my referral link to claim x1 Free hot drink voucher after you make your first purchase at Caffè Nero using the Caffè Nero app: You have until 31/12/2019 to claim your reward!

Step 2 – Visit a Caffè Nero Store

Nice and simple this one. Just visit any Caffè Nero and buy a drink. Don’t forget to use the App to get your ‘stamps’

Step 3 – Get your Free Drinks Code

Once you’ve made your first purchase open the Caffè Nero app and go to the ‘Wallet’ tile. Swap from the ‘Stamps’ section to the ‘Vouchers’ section (at the top) and you’ll see your free drink waiting for you.

Step 4 – Invite YOUR friends with your code

On the ‘Home’ section of the app, it has a tray that you can slide up. On it you’ll see your own ‘Invite a Friend’ link. Share this with your friends and you’ll get two free drinks when they sign-up via your link.

Step 5 – Get More Free Drinks – Collect Stamps

Caffe Nero Loyalty Card Free Drink

Now you have the app you can collect stamps with every purchase of a hot drink.You need 9 stamps to qualify for a free drink so make sure you scan the App’s QR code to make sure your stamps are recorded. If you want to earn stamps quicker then check out my tip below!

The Reverend’s Tip

They also offer bonus stamps if you use your own cup so it is better for the environment and also means you can get your free drink faster! Usually you need to purchase 9 drinks to get a free drink. If you bring your own mug then you can get a free drink after purchasing 5 drinks. This will leave you 1 stamp left over which is automatically added to your next card so you wont lose it.

The Reverend’s Tip #2

Check out my previous blog post as some people are saying that the bonus code is still working….no guarantees though.

Free Caffe Nero Hot Drink – October 2018



  1. Oooo yes I’ve done the code & friend referral too! Great tip about taking your own cup, that’s one thing I’ve not done. I do wonder though whether I’d end up getting less if I took my own cup. Maybe I’m too sceptical Great post, free drinkies at Neros always gets a thumbs up from me!
    Caz x

    1. You need a bigger cup!


      I tend to drink Hot Chocolate Milano so they are usually served ‘regular’ and not large. Or a tea and they are just adding hot water, so no biggie that I’m not getting a pint of it.

      I used to get loads of free stamps when it was a card, a smile and polite bit of chat went a long way in the coffee-houses of London. Now it is all digital I think it is harder to abuse.

      I did once get a free tea in Pret….apparently that’s a ‘thing’.




      The Reverend

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