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Last week I got an email from The Gourmet Burger Kitchen due to it being my Birthday coming up. They were kindly offering me a free burger when I bought any burger off their menu. Usually their offers are limited only their standard burgers and don’t include their Resident Hero burgers. The email offer meant I could have any 2  burgers off the menu and pay only for the most expensive one. I love it when GBK offer me this deal!

I decided to try a new restaurant that I’d not been to before and this was right next to the Tower of London!

I arrived at 6.45 and there was only 1 other couple in the fairly large restaurant. The waiter decided to sit me only 2 tables away from the other couple. I thought this was a little strange as it is nice to have a bit more space, especially in an essentially empty restaurant. Over the meal other people did arrive, but at it’s busiest there would have been no more than 12 customers in total.

At GBK you place your order at the counter. GBK also have an App so it is well worth getting this for the free items you can earn through challenges they offer (including trying all the milkshake flavours, or eating at multiple locations). They also offer a free sauce when you download the app for the first time.

We ordered 2 milkshakes, two starters and 2 skinny (no bun, and with a side salad) burgers with sweet potato fries. Our order was as follows;-

Milkshakes - Gourmet Burger Kitchen

  • 1 x Honeycomb Milkshake
  • 1 x Vanilla Milkshake
  • 1 x Hot Chicken Bites
  • 1 x Chicken Skewers
  • 1 x Kiwiburger
  • 1 x Taxi Driver
  • 1 x Sweet Potato Fries with Satay Sauce
  • 1 x Sweet Potato Fries with Garlic Mayo

The milkshakes came quickly. The vanilla milkshake was mine and I love a good vanilla milkshake. I did try the Honeycomb one however it was so sweet that it felt over-sweet. I was glad I went for the stallwart of Vanilla…you can always trust it to do its job correctly! The GBK Milkshakes are served in tins and must have well over a litre of milkshake in them. Very filling!

img_0024.jpegSoon afterwards the starters came out. We both decided we could have had just one starter between the two of us. There were 4 chicken skewers and plenty of large chicken bites that were, quite frankly, not exactly bite-sized. It was nice trying half the each but I think it was a lot of food for a starter. Both were really enjoyable and I’d recommend them to anyone going to GBK. Halfway through the starters they decided to bring our burgers out. I think this was poor planning by the chefs – but I don’t know whether it was because they cooked it too quickly after the starters or we took too long to eat the starters. Either way, normal restaurant rules usually mean the main doesn’t get served while the starters are still being eaten.

The burgers were cooked well and the sweet potato fries were lovely. I enjoy the Kiwiburger as it contains egg, beetroot and cheese. By asking for skinny burgers we do lose the bun but the side salad is a good one. One of the down-sides of GBK is they charge 50p extrato have no bun and a salad. Most other burger joints offer the side salad as a free swap for the bun. Due to the mix of the milkshakes, large starters and the sweet potato fries, finishing the burgers was a challenge. I did manage to eat all of mine! Winner!

Being stuffed we didn’t have a dessert and as you pay at the start you can just leave the restaurant when you are finished. As we got up to leave the restaurant staff were bringing in the outside tables. To do this they opened both front doors fully and there was a chill coming in from this. I’m glad we were leaving as it wasn’t enjoyable. The walk home took us past the Tower of London and over Tower Bridge. London is such an amazing place and the city lit up at night is something that has seen to be believed. The offices and tower blocks all shine out like beacons out into the black night’s sky. It looks so peaceful.

Over-all dinner cost around £35 for 2 starters, two mains and 2 drinks. I probably wouldn’t want to pay more for it. Next time we visit a GBK we will probably skip the starters all-together. We also talked about sharing a milkshake too. That would drop the price to around £22 which for a quick bite to eat in the centre of london, really isn’t bad.

p.s. In case you are wondering…for some reason the photos of the burgers came out all blurry so I’ve not loaded them! I will get some next time!



    1. Yeah. I think GBK is good for the BOG OFF (Buy One Get One For Free) burger deals. They also do promotions during the year for ‘meals’ (burger/fries & drink) which can be quite a saving on their normal prices.

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