Home Made Tortilla

Another The Reverend attempt of a receipe I’ve seen on someone-else’s blog. This time it is from KatyKicker’s excellent blog. I was very interested in trying this out as I often have wraps when I make my southern fried chicken.

What You’ll Need!


  • 250g Plain flour
  • 3g Salt
  • 5g Baking powder
  • 15g Butter
  • 120ml Water

I actual used slightly more water that Katy’s receipe as I found the dough was still a little too dry with only 100ml of water. I only added this extra at the end after adding the water bit by bit.


  1. Sift Flour into a mixing bowl20160123_181608.jpg
  2. Add salt and baking powder20160123_181701.jpg
  3. Give a good mix
  4. Add the butter and work together with hands20160123_181957.jpg
  5. Add water slowly while working with your hands20160123_1823571.jpg20160123_182904.jpg
  6. When water completely added, cover with a damp kitchen paper towel20160123_185920.jpg20160123_182951.jpg
  7. Leave for 20 minutes
  8. After 20 minutes heat frying pan
  9. split dough into 8 slightly larger then golf-ball peices20160123_185929.jpg
  10. Roll out 1 of the peices as thin as you can get it.20160123_190139.jpg
  11. Put it in the dry frying pan and cook until it browns. Any air bubbles will expand and can blacken20160123_190728.jpg
  12. Flip over when one-side browns20160123_190834.jpg
  13. When cooked, place under a tea-towel to stay warm and do the next one.
  14. When all are cooked, eat and enjoy!

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