Making Your Own Easter Eggs (Updated!)

I really wanted to make my own Easter Eggs this year so with a bit of google-fu I felt comfortable to attempt this myself.

What You Need!

Some people melt chocolate quite happily in a microwave. I don’t have a microwave (at the moment) so I had to go old-school. The Easter Egg Mould kit contains 4 large half moulds and 4 trays of half-mini eggs moulds.


  • Chocolate. Today I am using 200g

I used white chocolate but use whatever you’d like.


Break your chocolate into pieces (to speed up the melting) and put a pan of water onto boil.

White Chocolate

When the water is boiling, put the pyrex bowl over it. Tip in the chocolate.

White Chocolate Starting To Melt

Stir the chocolate to help it melt.

Melting Chocolate

Keep stirring until it is melts some more.

Melted Chocolate

Get your mould ready and start pastry brushing the chocolate in. I’d recommend letting the chocolate cool a bit so it thickens. And it goes without saying but don’t do what Donny Don’t does and hold the mould from the edges as if you cup the mould in your hand, it will keep the chocolate warm.

filling the mould

It will be hard but with a cooler chocolate and the pastry brush you will be able to coat the inside. Don’t worry about getting a thick layer, concentrate on just getting a complete layer and then getting it set.

complete egg

You will need to do 3 or maybe 4 layers of chocolate. Above is a 2nd layer egg half. Only 2 more to go!

There will be plenty of chocolate left over so time to breakout the smaller eggs

Small Eggs Start

I used a large tablespoon to fill these and don’t think I did too bad a job.


However, its hard to do a great job. Once you have them filled you will want to be able to ‘stick’ them together so you need flat(-ish) egg halves. To do this, I ran the back of a flat-backed knife over them to flatten them down.

Flattening the Eggs

And you end up with LOADS of extra chocolate on the knife that needs to be licked off. Chef’s perk!

This then was left to chill and I will then finish them off later.

(updated- Easter has been and gone so I can show you the finished product!)

I joined the mini eggs together and also made some mixed chocolate mini eggs for a bit of variation. I put the mini eggs inside the big egg and sealed it up.

The Egg!

Whole egg


Breaking it open!

egg just open with mini eggs peeping out


egg open showing mini eggs


Lovely Chocolately Goodness!

Whole egg open showing mini eggs

Are you making your own eggs? If you are thinking about trying it, give it a go. If I can do it, anyone can! 


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