Polenta Chicken Salad

I needed a quick and easy lunch over the weekend and didn’t want to spend ages slaving away in the kitchen. I knew I had salad in the fridge and thought I’d try to throw together something I kind of remember watching on TV.

It needed to be super simple. Here is what is needed;-


  • Chicken Breasts
  • 2tbsp Polenta (Maize Flour)
  • 1tsp Paprika
  • pinch Salt
  • pinch Pepper
  • Salad (whatever you have)


  • Any other herbs/spices
  • Bermondsey Friar/Halumi
  • Croutons



I laid some baking parchment on my chopping board and got my breasts out.

Chicken Breast In Packet

Get breasts out of packet.

Chicken Breast Fillets on Board


Put polenta/paprika/salt/pepper  & any other herbs spices on the chicken.


Don’t worry about it being all on the chicken, you need some on the paper anyway.

Chicken covered in Polenta and spices

Fold the paper over the chicken and give it a bash!

Beating My Meat


You are trying to flatten out the chicken to speed up the cooking time required.

Flattened Chicken

I rubbed more of the polenta mix into the chicken before getting a pan on.

Pan with Oil


When the oil is hot, get the chicken in the pan.

Chicken Cooking


When it is browned on one side, flip those chicken fillets over.

Cooking the other side of the chicken

When the 2nd side is cooked I flipped them back over…

final flip

…before tipping them out onto a plate.

Cooked Chicken


I wiped the frying pan clean with some kitchen roll, put some rock salt in there and cooked some Bermondsey Friar cheese I had left over.


You can treat it just like Halumi so I dry-fry with some salt.

Bermondsey Friar


Final job, build the salad.

Chicken Salad


Unlike the recipe I saw on TV, this had a shop bought dressing. I just didn’t want to break-out my blender and have to wash it up!

A really tasty quick lunch that took less than 20 minutes from turning on the hob to eating! Lovely!



  1. Looks good! What makes it stick to the chicken? I’m wondering if this could be recreated with a “fake” meat substitute?

    1. Hello Bella,

      Thats a blast from the past – I’ve not done enough recipes for this blog! I must go do some more.

      The polenta just sticks to the chicken – its more a light coating than a heavy batter like KFC or stuff like that.

      If you wanted to do this with fake meat subsitutes then I guess it would depend on how ‘dry’ they are. If they have any moisture then it should stick, but if you were trying to do it with a cauliflower steak or something similarly ‘dry’ then I think it would something to help the polenta stick.

      I must get on with some more things for this blog – I’ve got a bread post to put up soon.



      The Reverend

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