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Quandoo – Bonus Cashback & £10 Amazon Voucher

Bonus Cashback & £10 Amazon Voucher – Quandoo

Just browsing TopCashBack this morning and this great deal for Quandoo was showing at the top of my screen.

Quandoo Cashback From TopCashBack

I’m always looking for TopCashBack that I can get with just my ‘normal’ browsing/shopping and a restaurant reservation seemed right up my street. I do go to restaurants and there are literally hundreds of restaurants near me.

What is TopCashBack?


For those of you that don’t know, TopCashBack is a website where you can earn ‘cashback’ on your usual spending. Previously I’ve blogged about how to earn £16 in July, how I earned £55 when getting a new phone contract, easy profit from a GroupOn credit, and I’m always helping people out with the latest TopCashBack Treasure Hunt.

The Process is simple!

  1. visit www.topcashback.co.uk
  2. log into your account/create an account
  3. search for the company you want to buy from
  4. click through the link

Who are Quandoo?

Quandoo was launched in 2012 and is currently the worlds largest restaurant reservation platform. Over 10,000,000 have sat down for dinner, with booking made through the website (and app) and it has over 100,000 qualified reviews. At the moment it is available in 12 countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Hong Kong.

From a customer’s point of view, Quandoo is a reservation service but from a restaurant’s perspective it is an industry-leading Reservation Management Service. It isn’t just looking for reservation referrals to make it’s money, it is trying to support the restaurant industry by offering an RMS that support the restaurant and helps drive bookings and create additional business.

What is the Offer?

As per the picture at the start of this blog post, TopCashBack are offering £7.50 cashback on any approved bookings. They are also offering an additional £10 Amazon voucher! I do love buying things from Amazon!Quandoo Cashback TopCashBack Screen

But Wait, There’s More!

There is an ADDITIONAL bonus voucher being offered. If you look down the TopCashBack Quandoo page you will see a special offer.

Quandoo Cashback TopCashBack Extra Voucher

So, from one booking I am looking at getting the following;

  • £7.50 Cashback from TopCashBack
  • £10 Amazon Voucher
  • £10 Restaurant Voucher

Now it is possible that it is actually just going to be one £10 voucher which could either be the Amazon one or a Restaurant Voucher, but seeing as I buy plenty from Amazon (currently looking to buy this!) and I do go out to restaurants on a regular basis. If everything is paid out then I’ll get £27.50 back from 1 meal out.

Sure, a meal can cost £30+ but as I do go out for dinner this is £27.50 that I would not normally get.

But Wait! There is EVEN MORE!!!!


Quandoo have their own loyalty scheme. For each confirmed booking you make you earn 100 points. You also get 400 points just for being a new customer. This means at the end of your 1st booking, that you made to get your cashback, you will have received 500 points and you’ll be half way through to a £10 restaurant voucher.

Quandoo Cashback Loyalty Points TopCashBack

The Reverend’s Tip

Always make sure you disable any ad-blocker or Cookie/Tracking blocker software whenever you use TopCashBack. They can stop the correct cookies and data being passed between companies.

Cashback is not guaranteed so don’t buy something just because the cashback makes it worthwhile. When cashback doesn’t track then you should raise a case with TopCashBack‘s customer care team. They may not be the fastest, they may not be the most efficent but they will work through your issue to resolution – just remember if TopCashBack aren’t paid out by the company, they wont have anything to pass on to you.



  1. I had never even heard of Quandoo before! I don’t really ‘do’ posh restaurants but I’ll check it out, see what’s there – it’s a great offer, with cashback & a voucher, so definitely very tempting!

    1. Hi Caz / InvisiblyMe,

      I’d not heard of Quandoo so wasn’t sure what was going to happen but the cashback has tracked and now I get to go out to dinner. Its not even ‘posh’ restaurants – Cote Brasserie! So the meal will still be less than £50 for 2 people!

      I’ll keep you updated on what gets paid out.


      The Reverend

      1. Updated to say that the £10 Amazon voucher was sent via email a couple of days after the booking.

        The £7.50 cashback did payout less than a month after it tracked so a quick payer.


        The Reverend

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