Dip & Flip Brixton – The 2nd Coming


Its been a while since my last visit to Dip & Flip and on a sunny Saturday in April I headed back to Brixton restaurant. You can read the review of when I last went by clicking on the this link.

Dip & Flip Brixton First Visit

The location remained the same but they have changed the decor a little. Now, along-side the lady in the gravy jug, we have line drawings of people enjoying the gravy. My favourite is the guy just in his pants! You have to go see it to believe it!

The Menu

There has been a bit of a menu change since I last went. They have added Korean Hot Wings to their Buffalo Hot wings. The tater-tots have been dropped, which makes sense as they didn’t really fit in well with restaurant offerings. The rest of the menu remains the same with the classic dip sandwiches, burgers and sides. The drinks menu includes plenty of craft ale offerings and as a bit of a left-field offering, picklebacks – a shot of spirit with a chaser shot of picklebrine! Sounds dreadful! 😀

Dip & Flip Brixton - Drinks Menu


Our Lunch

Knowing a little about the menu I had already decided to pass on the chicken wings. My previous review mentioned them being covered in sauce and I didn’t really want that. The waiter was happily talking us through the menu and I mentioned I’d have the milkshake except they use chocolate ice cream for the Oreo milkshake. He said that they’ve never done that since he has worked there so it could have been a maverick bartender last time or just they have changed how the milkshakes are made. After promising he would make the milkshakes himself using vanilla ice cream we agreed what we were having.

  • 1 x Vanilla Milkshakes
  • 2 x Dip & Flip Burgers (one with extra onions)
  • 1 x Sweet Potato Fries
  • 1 x Normal Fries
  • 2 x Coca-Cola

This was going to be a great meal! Messy, but great!

The Food

Aw yeah! Come to daddy! This burger was a feast for the eyes! Look at that melted cheese! Look at the excellent brioche bun! Dontcha wish your burger was hot like me! It has been far too long since I’ve loved the look of a burger. I’m a regular visitor to GBK and Byron but their burgers had nothing on this. We both agreed these were the best looking burgers we’d seen in ages. Dip & Flip should be very proud.

The Dip & Flip Burger

The chips were a bit of a mixed bag. On seeing the normal fries compared to my Sweet Potato Fries I realised I’d made a huge mistake. The SWP just didn’t look as appetising. I also prefer my SWP to be more crispy – I know this is a personal preference but compared to D&F’s normal fries they just didn’t hit the spot. Their normal fries have a lovely seasoning so I do recommend these if you are visiting.

Dip & Flip Burger with Fries and Gravy

Dip & Flip Burger with Fries and Gravy

Dip & Flip Burger with Sweet Potato Fries and Gravy


We then come to the main event! What? You thought the burger was the main event? What a mistake! This isn’t called DIP & Flip for nothing! Alongside the burger and the chips on the tray is a tin of gravy goodness. I can’t explain with the written word how good this gravy is so let me try to show it with a picture.

Dip & Flip Burger being sacrificed to the gods of gravy

The gravy was to die for. Really. If they’d told you that there was a poison in the gravy you’d still lap it up like a cat. It is meaty, it is rich, it is juicy and more importantly you will run out of burger before you run out of gravy! The gravy does add another level to your burger experience and you really wont get this anywhere else.

The Drink

The milkshake came quickly and, as promised, was made with Vanilla ice cream. Just what we wanted and so enjoyable on the hot day. The sweetness of the milkshake complemented the savoury burgers and fries. Our waiter brought us a jug of water with our meal so we weren’t quenching our thirst on thick milkshake. Oreo pieces were dropped on top of the milkshake so it was one strong Oreo hit! The best bit about the milkshake is that they lasted the whole meal, even though we were sharing it. I was tempted to ask for an additional milkshake to takeaway but thought it might not be best to spend the day stuff full of burger AND milkshakes!

Dip & Flip Oreo Milkshake (for two)

The Cost

Remember we are in London so food isn’t the cheapest. Including a tip is was around £40. About £17.50 each for lovely burgers, chips and drinks in a nice atmosphere and there were no kids screaming around the place. For 90 minutes of calmness on an otherwise hectic day it seems like a bargain.

And Finally

Last time we came there was a picture on the wall of a lady living it up in a gravy jug. They have now added to this amazing art work and the walls have drawings of people REALLY enjoying the gravy. Please may consider it NSFW so I’ll just link to the photo – click HERE

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  1. I love millshakes in those metal canisters, they always taste better, providing they’re thick and properly made with ice-cream. The gravy dip is certainly quite novel – wouldn’t say no to trying this! Would always go for regular fries or fat chips though as I’ve never been one for sweet potato fries, even though they seem to be pretty popular at the moment.x

    1. Hi Caz,

      Milkshakes in ‘tins’ is certainly the best way for them to be served. Sweet Potato fries can be amazing but more often than not I’m finding I’m disappointed by them.


      The Reverend

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      I really can recommend it. I’ve been to two locations, this Brixton one and also the one at Battersea (not far from Clapham Junction).

      The burgers are ace burgers indeed. The Gravy/Milkshakes/Environments are just a bonus!


      The Reverend

    1. Hi Jesse,

      It was lovely! If you’ve not had a dip & flip burger then you should definitely try one!


      The Reverend

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