Guest Review – Balls & Company

Guest Review – Balls & Company by Suzanne From WithBoys

This month I’ve teamed up with another blogger – Suzanne from . She has recently been able to grab a table at Balls & Company in London. This fashionable restaurant isn’t easy to get into so read the review and decide for yourself if you fancy risking a visit when you are next in London.

It’s all about those #meatballs on a Friday 😍

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Close to Tottenham Court Road and in the heart of Soho, you’ll find Balls and Company on Greek Street.

The Review

Twice I tried and failed to go to this stunning eatery in Greek Street. Unfortunately they only take
bookings for parties of eight or more and as there were only two of us, we had to take pot luck.
However, third time lucky we managed to get a table.

Have you seen our new outside seating? 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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In terms of ambience, the restaurant was somewhere between modern simplicity and intimacy. The
decor was minimalist and the restaurant was quite small, perhaps making it an ideal setting for a

I scoured the menu, noting that the balls were listed first and their company (to include items such
as Spiced Chickpeas and Polenta Chips) was listed second. It was a difficult decision, I am usually a
keen meat eater but as I am currently on a bit of a health kick, I opted for the Spicy Kale balls. I loved
the idea of the surrounding chickpea crumb and I chose the Charred Broccoli for company, which
came garnished with spelt and almonds. My friend chose the Carrots with Feta as her company and
Arancini balls for the main event. I had wondered whether the food would arrive resembling Fray
Bentos. Nothing could have been further from the truth, the food was both immaculately presented
and appetising. If I said that my taste buds had been tantalised, it wouldn’t have been an
exaggeration. Each bite was tangy and slightly different. I also felt a rare virtuosity as the food had
been divine and good for me. It was quite unlike anything I had eaten before and the venue is
probably more suited to the adventurous eater. Prices for Balls started at £8, whilst the Company
prices started at just £4.

#courgette and #shortrib #meatballs are a match made in heaven 😍

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Sadly, we didn’t have space for dessert, but next time I go, I am planning on trying the Brownie, as I
am intrigued by the Persian fairy floss that it comes with.

A visit to Balls & Company was well worth the wait, just be prepared to have a back up restaurant as
it does get very busy.


Balls & Company have a simple menus based on the main ‘body’ of the meal – the Balls, and the accomplemnts – the Company. You can see the full menu here.

About the Author

Suzanne Cox is a self-employed blogger and market researcher who lives in Sutton with her husband, two mad boys and an even madder dog. In her spare time she enjoys trying out different pubs and restaurants in London, as well as shopping and taking in the sights. You can read her blog over at


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