This is a Coffee Shop (with cats) sign

This is a Coffee Shop (with cats)

The Reverend Reviews – This is a Coffee Shop (with cats)

I was meeting someone in Shoreditch and we wanted to go somewhere that we could get a cup of tea and relax. Shoreditch in London is a bit of a hipster’s paradise. If we wanted obscure breakfast cereals or alcoholic drinks served in jam jars, then there is plenty of choice. Somewhere for a nice cup of tea and not a big crowd would be a bigger challenge!

This is a Coffee Shop (with cats) sign

This is a Coffee Shop (with cats) – Not a cat cafe


Shoreditch has loads of little nooks and alleyways that hide shops and restaurants. It was by pure chance we found cat cafe and to our disappointment they only accept reservations and were fully booked! What a disaster. As we were leaving someone came out and advised us they had just had a cancellation and so could seat us in 5 minutes! EXCELLENT!

Located not far from Old Street tube station or a short walk from Shoreditch Overground stations, you can find it at the location below.

The Rules

Most coffee shops don’t have such a tight number of rules however as this is a cat cafe, it does. They call them ‘House Rules’ and they are as follows;

  1. Strict ‘No-Touching’ Policy
  2. Relax & Stay At Your Table
  3. No Flash Photography

A small number of rules but they are all for the comfort of the main residents, the cats! If you check out the website you can find out a little more about the rules and why they are important. Click here for more information.

Food & Drink

With a cat cafe you sometime worry about the food and drink offering. The primary requirement for us was somewhere to get a tea/hot drink. The cats were an added bonus! We ordered an English Breakfast Tea, a Chai Latte, a chocolate brownie, and some banana bread. The hot drinks were all excellent but the food was a little below-par. The portion sizes were generous but seeing as the food wasn’t the greatest, it was a little wasted.
Cat Themed Tea Pot From This is A Coffee Shop (with Cats)

Chocolate Brownie from This is a Coffee Shop (with Cats)

Not a cat being drowned, a feature of the mugs here

The Important Part – Cats!

We met lots of cats! They all looked very happy and were unbothered by the people. Be prepared for pictures! First up is a panoramic from where we were seated. The lighting is subdued to keep the cats happy and relaxed.

Panoramic of the Coffee Shop

We had the two specials to eat. The brownie was much better than the banana bread. None of them had any cat hairs in.

Grey Cat

Its important to practice your cat-yoga during the day to keep your joints working. I’m not sure of the name of this pose – Cat Salutations?

Cat Yoga at This is a Coffee Shop (with Cats)

This is a Scottish Fold, it is not a cat with its ears cut off. This cat was called Kimchi which I thought was an excellent name!

This Scottish Fold Cat was not impressed in meeting me!

Sleepy cat is sleepy


I ventured downstairs and found this beauty. The kitchen was partitioned off from the cats but it didn’t stop them staying there to look at the lovely food!

Another Cat - and thats supposed to be a smile from me!

Another cat and another attempted smile!

Final Thought


Living in London I don’t have space for a cat, let alone several. Some people don’t like the idea of a cat cafe but I must say I’ve been to two different ones now and both have had the welfare of the cats at the center of everything they’ve done. It is more expensive then even ‘normal’ expensive coffee shops but you are paying to make sure the cats are well treated – a worthwhile expense.

If you want even more cats, check out this video I filmed while there for more cats than you expect!

This is a Coffee Shop (with Cats) – Shoreditch

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  1. I wonder if they’d like my cat to add to their collection? He doesn’t play nicely unless he wants something and seems unable to understand how to retract his claws. May knock over every cup of coffee he comes across, but he looks cute.

    I do quite like the idea of these for the novel aspect but having never been to one I wasn’t sure how well the cats get treated, so it’s brilliant to hear they’re put at the heart of the operation and well looked after!! 🙂

  2. The cafe looks absolutely fab. Love the ethos and may need to take a visit there soon. I have a dog myself so wouldn’t dare get a cat cause he would probably eat it. A dog cafe would be something else entirely, but I suppose you get that in pubs occasionally.

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