Top 5 Pancake Fillings

Its Pancake Day here in the UK! So here are my top 5 Pancake fillings.

Vanilla Ice Cream

People say that I’m boring but the truth is a good vanilla ice cream is better than 99.9% of any flavoured ice cream you can find. A hot pancake with a scoop of frozen vanilla ice cream will excite your tastebuds and make you think that you should eat pancakes much more regularly than once a year!

Photo of pancakeswith the top one rolled up. There is a fork and spoon resting on the pancakes with some icing sugar in a sieve on the left



You do know it is pronounced NU-Tella, don’t you? I like a bit of Nutella and I enjoy a pancake with Nutella. It can be hard to get the correct Nutella-to-pancake ratio but remember that you can always add a bit more later. If you want to take this to the next level then some creperies offer Nutella and banana. I don’t think banana should be on a pancake at all!

Photo of a stack of english pancakes covered in sugar with blueberries and a few sprigs of mint

White Chocolate

Probably my favourite topping for a pancake. I love white chocolate and the sickly-sweetness of white chocolate goes really well with a hot pancake. You have a couple of options here;- White chocolate buttons works well but you can also buy white chocolate sauce, and I recently found a white chocolate spread (like Nutella) in Tescos that was amazing on a pancake!

Sugar and Lemon Juice

This is the classic that everyone loves on Pancake Day. If I’m going for pancake volumes (in that I’ve made far too much batter!) then I’ll always start with some sugar and lemon ones. It is better, in my opinion, to use fresh lemon rather than bottled, but really – just use what you want.

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Mozzarella Cheese and Spinach

For Number 5 I’m going left-field by suggesting a savoury pancake. I used to work in Hammersmith and there was a great little creperie that did a savoury pancake with cheese, chicken and an egg. This was great but I’d not suggest to the home cook to crack an egg onto the top of their pancake after they have flipped it – its very hard to get the egg cooked properly at home. This is where Mozzarella and spinach works really well as it has some excellent flavour and you can have it as a starter OR main course.

Other Fillings


Well that is up to you – I’m giving you just my top 5 to help you make your mind up on Pancake day. Really though, you can have pancakes any time of year and they are an excellent dessert or even main course all year round. Do you have a favourite filling that I’ve not mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Savoury isn’t for me, it’s the idea of mozzarella cheese & spinach pancakes made my stomach ‘flip’ in revolt I’ll be honest, I’ve only had the basic lemon & sugar but I do quite like the idea of chocolate (almost!) Love your slomo vid, it’s good to be a tosser! They do say not to use a spatula if you want the perfect pancake.

    1. Hi Caz/InvisblyMe,

      Savoury pancakes do take a bit of mind bending to get used to. It also helps if the pancakes are freshly made and preferably in a place that actually knows how to make proper crepes/pancakes.

      I have a proper crepe pan at home which makes it a bit easier for tossing. I’m trying to perfect my ‘pour and twist’ technique for getting the right amount of pancake batter in the pan. Im getting better at it, thats for sure! The trick here is to use a jug to pour the batter, not to try to use a ladle.


      The Reverend

  2. Mozzarella and spinach?! I’ve honestly never heard of that one before but I bet it’s actually quite nice in a weird way! I didn’t even have pancakes this year, my kid is clearly crazy and doesn’t like them lol

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