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Which Supermarkets Deliver Food Shopping To Flats?

Which Supermarkets Deliver to Flats?

Supermarket Delivery Van

I live in London and this means I can’t afford to live in a house! When I moved to London 4 years ago I purchased a flat – but unfortunately it was high up in a block of flats with no lift! As I get busier I keep wanting to look into the option of getting home delivery but I’ve heard plenty of horror stories where the Supermarkets wont delivered to the flat door. If you need to do some food shopping but you live in flats and want to order online for home delivery, will the supermarkets deliver to you?

Will The Supermarkets deliver to me in a block of flats?


The short answer is yes. The long answer is ‘probably to the front door of the block of flats’ but what do the individual supermarkets themselves say about delivering your food shopping to you?

Will Sainsbury’s Deliver To My Flat?

Sainsbury's Logo

My closest supermarket is a Sainsburys so I dropped them a message to find out whether they would deliver to my front door. Their reply pointed me to their website.

The important text on the link is as follows – I’ve added BOLD for my empasis.

We will always deliver to the front door of your house or at least to the communal entrance to your block of flats. Our drivers may also deliver beyond your threshold as well, if invited to do so and it is safe for them to. Our ‘providing a safe delivery’ section sets out more.

So from Sainsbury’s they are committing to delivering to the communal entrance of a block of flats, but the driver, if they are invited AND they feel safe, MAY go further than the communal entrance. Not necessarily to your front door. It also says check out another section on their webpage.

Our drivers are equipped to make a reasonable adjustment to make a delivery where there are no lifts or those in place are not working, but will complete a dynamic risk assessment on each delivery to ensure it is safe and practical to make that delivery. The driver will consider any potential safety issues such as width and condition of the stairs and any risk to their personal safety.

I guess this is to cover the drivers in case they don’t feel safe. Unfortunately you have no way of knowing if a delivery WILL be successfully delivered to your front door unless you actually make an order.

I’d say a 7 out of 10 for Sainsbury’s there…better than some but room for improvement.

Will Tesco Deliver To My Flat?

Tesco Logo

A Triple-reply from Tesco! They replied as follows;-

They gave me the answer I needed directly, rather than point me to their website. It is the same as Sainsbury’s – they will definitely deliver to the communal entrance to the block of flats and the driver MAY deliver to the front door of the flat if there is a risk to their well-being. It does talk of having to be invited in which suggests Sainsbury’s will barge their way up the stairs with no invitation! I very much doubt that happens when they are carrying up your food shopping.

Another 7 out of 10 for exactly the same reason

Will Ocado Deliver To My Flat?

Ocado Logo

Ocado were straight and to the point.

Thanks Richard – exactly what I wanted to hear. As long as it is safe (which it is) then the driver can deliver to the flats without lifts.

10 out of 10!

Will Morrisons Deliver To My Flat?


Morrisons Logo

How different to Ocado can someone be? To start with Morrisons said they needed my postcode before they could help me. They actually asked for it three times. I’m still not sure they will deliver to my block of flats, let alone my actual front door!

I do wonder why they need the postcode to answer my question and its not clear what they do with this information and whether there are any GDPR issues in them having this data.

Will Asda Deliver To My Flat?

Asda Logo

A simple answer from Asda, not requiring multiple tweets or me having to go looking on their website for the data.

I read this that a polite request to the driver will see them help you. I think this actually means they are more like Tesco/Sainsburys in that they will deliver to the communal entrance and MAY deliver to your front door.

Verdict – another 7 out of 10.

Will Iceland Deliver To My Flat?

Iceland Logo

Another strange reply saying they need my address before they can help. I don’t think they need my postcode, let alone my actual address. Eventually common sense prevailed.

“Door-to-door” sounds like it could be a good ‘get out clause’ for Iceland so I did some digging into their Terms & Conditions

“We will deliver goods to your door. Our drivers will assist where possible, but they are not obliged to enter your premises. It may not always be possible to deliver your order, in situations such as where our driver believes it is unsafe or impractical to approach the property, where our driver believes it is unsafe to deliver due to an uncontrolled or dangerous animal, or where our driver cannot reach the property due to bad weather.”

Based on this, I’m happy they are offering a true door-to-door service. Well done Iceland!

10 out of 10!

The Reverend’s Tip

Check out the cashback websites like TopCashBack or Quidco to see whether you can get cashback from your online food shopping.

The Reverend’s Final Thought with On-Line Food Shopping

You wouldn’t have thought it would be such a minefield to get this information but Morrisons have made it much harder to get the info. If you want to get your food shopping delivered to you then all the supermarkets offer a service however some are better than other.

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