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Deal! Cheap Snes Mini for £49.00 – No Codes Required

Cheap Snes Mini

Like you, I’ve been keeping an eye out for the stock of the Snes Mini and luckily I found a cheap Snes Mini that I thought I’d share with you. I just saw this on Amazon’s separate app – Amazon Now.

What is the Snes Mini?


Image of a hand holding a cheap snes mini

During my childhood there were two BIG consoles – The Super NES (SNES) and the MegaDrive. It really was the start of the Big Console wars that goes on to this day – except with different players! The SNES Mini is a tiny version of the original SNES Console and it contains 21 games built in. The big shocker is that it contains StarFox2. This is a game that was never actually released but there were plenty of rumours about.

Amazon Now

This is Amazon’s app where you can get items delivered within 1 hour! The list of stock alters depending on your postcode – they search only items in their warehouses near you – so you never know exactly what is available but anything they do show you can be delivered in 1 hour!

How to get the Snes Mini for £49!

Photo of Box of the Cheap Snes Mini Box

You need to be an Amazon Prime member to get free delivery but this is a great deal for something that is not in stock loads of places, is usually £79.99 and there are tons of scalpers selling for £100+.

Download the Amazon now app and grab a bargain now. Cheap Snes Mini Invoice


Search for SNES mini on the Amazon Now app and see if it is available near you.


Here are the 21 games available…including the previously unreleases StarFox 2!

Details of all the games includes with the Cheap Snes Mini

Amazon Prime


You  can get a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime by clicking this banner. If you cancel this before the month is up then you will not be charged for it.

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    1. Hi Tomasz,

      It was a short-lived deal. I know a few people who got it first thing this morning and it worked. It looks like it has gone back to full price on the App, but it does jump in and out of stock.


      The Reverend

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