Cheap PSN Credit – CDKeys (aff)

Today you can get some really Cheap PSN Credit from CDKeys. You may have seen my blogpost about PSN credit from Shopto

Cheap PSN Credit AND 12 Months PSN+ Membership

However today you can beat this deal MASSIVELY through *TopCashback and *CDKeys.

A Screenshot of the TopCashback CDKeys 15% offer from the TopCashback Website

PSN Credit

If you have a Playstation then you will know what PSN Credit is. PSN Credit is the currency used to purchase items off of the Playstation Network Store. You can choose to fund you account directly from your bank account but I don’t do this. I use PSN Credit purchased from online stores and and applying them to my account. This means that if someone accesses my PSN account they are unable to spend money from my real world bank account!

Its a Flat Discount, isn’t it?


This is a common misconception. Check out this table which shows you the difference they are currently offering. It is always worth checking which gives you the best value for money. At the moment it is the £50 Face Value credits that you can get for just under £43 – a total saving of 14.02%. In contrasts, if you were to buy £10 of credit your saving would be 0.1% – How disappointing!

A table showing the PSN discounts via CDKeys but also how the cashback and £3 bonus affects the price.

My recent blog post shows that Shopto are cheaper however for today only you can currently get 15% cashback from CDKeys via *TopCashback. You can also get a Bonus £3 cashback from them also. I’ve blogged about this earlier today. This makes CDKeys the big winner, and biggest discount off list price, for PSN Credit today!

I’ve highlighted that the highest overall total discount, for a single purchase, is 34%. Unfortunately this is only for £20 worth of PSN Credit and there isn’t much you can buy from the PSN Store for this. At about 1.5% less discount you can get £50 worth of credit for £33, after the cashback is paid out. This is one of the best deals I’ve seen from a retailer!

A screenshot from the CDKeys website showing that £50 PSN credit can be purchased for £42.99

What can you do with the Credit?

Buy anything from the PSN Store, including PlayStation Plus Membership, games, rent or buy movies, and get in-game credit for Fortnite, Call of Duty and FIFA.

The Reverend’s Final Thought

As I’ve already highlighted, I buy PSN Credit and add it to my account so that I don’t have to have my bank details stored by Sony. By purchasing £50 worth of credit for £33 you can buy some of the latest games (although not with all the DLC – Digital Game prices can be a bit high!) for the price you can buy the physical version from an actual shop. This is a one time deal and only valid for today so if it is of use to you, get on it today and grab you cashback! It is literally free money.



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