PlayStation Plus Content for November

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service for people using Sony’s consoles. You buy a subscription and it gives you access to free games, themes, and other freebies for all of the consoles Sony currently support. If you own a PlayStation 4 console then the PlayStation Plus subscription allows you to play online gaming with other people around the world.

Where can you buy PlayStation Plus?


The subscription can purchased direct from The PlayStation Network Store on your consoles. You can buy 1 month, 3 months or 1 years subscription at a time. If you have not had a PlayStation Plus subscription before then Sony offer you 5 days for free when you buy your console so use that code to see whether the service is for you.

Although you can buy direct from the PSN Store, it is cheaper to buy from other locations. For example you can currently buy 12 months subscription (RRP £49.99) for £39 HERE. I also recommend checking this link at Amazon to see whether it is cheaper there.

What is included this Month in your PlayStation Plus Subscription?

The Reverend’s Tip

If you have a PlayStation 4 then I really do recommend “That’s You”. Its a social ‘couch co-op’ game that you play using your mobile phones or tablets. Its about questions about the players with drawings and photos and all-sorts! You will not have a dull evening if you start playing this with your chums. The brilliant thing about it is by using phones/tablets you don’t need to worry about having enough controllers – as long as all the devices are attached to the WiFi network the PS4 is on, you download the app and you are away to go!

The is the option to play online against randoms but really, couch co-op with your friends is where this game excels!

The Reverend’s Tip #2

Keep a look out for other posts from me on how to get cheap PSN credit….you can find some great savings like this post getting you about 30% discount!

How to Get £115 of PSN Credit for £87


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