What Did I Play Last Week?

What Did I Play Last Week – Sunday 22nd September

This week I’ve mostly been playing CodBlops4 and COD:MW Beta.

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Yes! I’m an Adult Gamer and I love Video Games

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


I have now maxed out all the weapons EXCEPT the 2nd class hand weapons (axe/coin bag/etc) and the sniper rifles. I’m not sure I’ll max out the sniper rifles, as I’ve covered off before). For ‘fun’ I’m playing with no actual weapons and just some extra perks.

I find this makes for a much more interesting game. I die LOADS as I start without a gun (obviously!) and have to rely on picking up from dead bodies OR sneak attacks. And I don’t do well at sneak attacks! Some of the games have been very good and it does help you get a ‘killed a player with their own weapon’ medal. It has also appeared as a contract so helped towards that.

The other thing I’ve been doing is trying some of the people. Usually I’m Torque and play with a Trophy system instead of the razor wire. This has helped me keep the barricade up longer and caused many an enemy to blow themselves up while trying to destroy it from behind. I’ve been experimenting with Recon as I think you get a good ‘bonus’ score from the dart and the vision pulse. Very occasionally I play with Zero and the hacks give good points but can annoy the other team – so win/win!

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare (BETA)

This has been interesting. For starters I should say except for the BLOPS Single Player storyline, MW is my favourite of all the COD. I was so glad to hear they were putting  single player story back into the game with this latest game. I haven’t pre-ordered it yet but Sony was offering a free beta over the two weekends.

The graphics have been ace and the maps large enough to be interesting. I’ve also noticed you can get up on top of things much more than BlackOps4. They have changed the perks slightly and I’m interested to see the rest of the maps. The special items recharging is an interesting take, which worked well for me. I have found a light machine gun + Claymore a good combo. Original COD playing for me had Sniper/Shotgun with claymores as my load-out so I wonder if I can have it again?

Did you try the BETA out? What did you think?



How Am I Playing Them?

As always, I’m on my trusty launch-day PS4. It sounds a bit like a hoover on full whack so I think it might be on its last legs at some point but it still plays games. I am trying to hold off buying a PS4 Pro as its a big old unit and I’m not too bothered about playing in 4k (or Pseudo 4k) as when I’m playing 1080p on my 55″ screen I think the picture looks ace!

And mobile games are played on my iPhone XS. You can watch my unboxing video here.

What’s Next?

I’ve got 3 games on the go that I need to finish.

  • Assassin’s Creed Unity
  • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
  • Watchdogs 2

I’m streaming WD2 only so can only play that when I have an hour spare with no interuptions. The two AssCree games have just lost my interest. I know that Unity is almost done (I’ve got 3 area of the map to ‘discover’) but Syndicate I’ve got literally no idea. I guess I’ll be snatching time where-ever I can.

Questions or Recommendations?


If you have any questions or recommendations then drop me a comment in the box below. I’m always looking for other games to play so might even be able to check your games out.


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