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What Did I Play Last Week?

What Did I Play Last Week – Sunday 21st April

Its been a mixed week this week. Here is a rundown of what I’ve been playing. If you fancy checking out my gaming credentials then I’ve blogged about how I’m unashamedly an adult gamer.

Yes! I’m an Adult Gamer and I love Video Games

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


Another couple of hours into this. Finally managed to get a gun I’m rubbish with up to MAX level.

In case you are wondering, it was the Daemon 3XB I was levelling up. Its a 3 shot burst and I’m proper rubbish with these guns. Its done now so I’m moving onto the Switchblade X9. Hopefully it wont take me so long.

Tropico 5

I’ve been quite enjoying grabbing 30 minutes every-so-often to play this. I’m still not very good but the levels all take between 30 minutes and an hour to complete. Probably more ‘stages’ than ‘levels’ but you get what I mean.

Currently I’m stuck on the ‘create your own nuclear weapons’ level. I keep running out of cash. I’ve tried it twice now and failed both times. I managed to get a -$50k bank balance which shows I’m certainly not doing what I should be doing.


How Am I Playing Them?

As always, I’m on my trusty launch-day PS4. It sounds a bit like a hoover on full whack so I think it might be on its last legs at some point but it still plays games. I am trying to hold off buying a PS4 Pro as its a big old unit and I’m not too bothered about playing in 4k (or Pseudo 4k) as when I’m playing 1080p on my 55″ screen I think the picture looks ace!

What’s Next?

More gun leveling up on COD:BLOPS4. Boring but I want to do it before I prestige. Then I’ve got to finish Red Dead Redemption 2…. I’m on Epilogue 2 so not long to go at all. I still have two Assassin’s Creed games to finish and I’ll still then be at least 2 games behind in the series (Egypt & Rome I’ve not got yet).

Questions or Recommendations?


If you have any questions or recommendations then drop me a comment in the box below. I’m always looking for other games to play so might even be able to check your games out.


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