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What Did I Play Last Week?

What Did I Play Last Week – Sunday 12th May

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Its been a mixed week this week. Here is a rundown of what I’ve been playing. If you fancy checking out my gaming credentials then I’ve blogged about how I’m unashamedly an adult gamer.

Yes! I’m an Adult Gamer and I love Video Games

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


Grinding away at the sniper rifle. Halfway through level 12 and I THOUGHT level 13 was the top level. Its not. Its level 14! This is boring!

I am enjoying a couple of the new maps but not getting into many games of them. I seem to end up in a Nuketown loop. This is not a good map for Sniper rifling so I switch to my ‘good’ gun set up. I have the trophy system on this set-up which means people waste LOADS of rockets trying to kill me.

I have dipped my toe into prop-hunt. It does make me chuckle. I managed to win the last game I was in. I was a table and managed to run away without being shot. I do love how silly prop-hunt is.

In other news, to eleviate the sniper-rifle boredom I have set a class with a shot-gun. Back when I got into COD (maybe COD:MW? or MW2?) my weapons loadout was Sniper Rifle and a shotgun. I was pretty deadly with these, even if I do say so myself! Going back to just a shotgun is a shock how short the kill distance is but I’m enjoying it none-the-less.

How Am I Playing Them?

As always, I’m on my trusty launch-day PS4. It sounds a bit like a hoover on full whack so I think it might be on its last legs at some point but it still plays games. I am trying to hold off buying a PS4 Pro as its a big old unit and I’m not too bothered about playing in 4k (or Pseudo 4k) as when I’m playing 1080p on my 55″ screen I think the picture looks ace!

What’s Next?

Resident Evil bored the pants off me so I’m not sure I’ll go back. I have purchased a PS4 Camera. This is mainly to make some of my streams more interesting. Slowly I am setting up my streaming area and having a camera on me might improve my streams!

I don’t want to go ‘all the gear and no idea’ so I think I’ll keep my streaming kit fairly basic.

Questions or Recommendations?

If you have any questions or recommendations then drop me a comment in the box below. I’m always looking for other games to play so might even be able to check your games out.

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