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What Did I Play Last Week?

What Did I Play Last Week – Sunday 2nd July

Another week. Another Call of Duty-fest! I love my gaming but this week is still CODBLOPS4.

Yes! I’m an Adult Gamer and I love Video Games

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


Very few games from me this week. I did have a couple of amazing games with masses of kills but although I did great, my team let me down and I didn’t seem to be on the winning team.

I am trying new tactics (I have tactics for certain levels) and when they work, oh my!, how they work. But when they don’t…..I do dreadfully!

Call of Duty: Modern Warware

This week they announced the next game in the Call of Duty series. Modern Warfare is a reboot of the series, not as I originally thought, just a ‘remastered’ version of the original COD:MW. Check out the video below for the Official Teaser Trailer.

It looks amazing, doesn’t it? I do wonder if they will manage another level like ‘No Russian’ – that level pushed the boundaries of a lot of people and had plenty of complaints raised against it.

How Am I Playing Them?

As always, I’m on my trusty launch-day PS4. It sounds a bit like a hoover on full whack so I think it might be on its last legs at some point but it still plays games. I am trying to hold off buying a PS4 Pro as its a big old unit and I’m not too bothered about playing in 4k (or Pseudo 4k) as when I’m playing 1080p on my 55″ screen I think the picture looks ace!

What’s Next?

I need to decide when I’m going to pre-order CODMW. I hope it has a single player storyline as BLOPS4 really missed having one.

And then, like I said last week, they release the new PS+ games so I will download these and probably try out Boarderlands. Sonic can wait though!

Questions or Recommendations?


If you have any questions or recommendations then drop me a comment in the box below. I’m always looking for other games to play so might even be able to check your games out.


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