What You Need When You Buy A Nintendo Switch Lite?

So you’ve bought a Nintendo Switch Lite, now what?

I blogged a few weeks ago about a great Nintendo Switch Lite deal on-line via eBay. I didn’t buy at the time but when the deal popped up a week or two later, again, I couldn’t say ‘no’. I had some cash in my PayPal account and, with some nectar points converted to eBay credit, PLUS a discount code eBay was offering, it wasn’t going to get much cheaper!

Now I had it, what else did I need?

Get A Case

I ordered my Nintendo Switch Lite online so had a few days to get things for it and Number 1 for me was a case. I found this one on Amazon and ordered it. It also came with a screen protector. A worthwhile investment.

The case will protect my Switch when I’m not playing it and the screen protector will stop anything damaging the screen when I have it out the case.

Get On-line


Part of the fun of a Nintendo Switch is that you can play with your friend on-line. Currently you can buy it from *Amazon for £17.99 and compared to the £50 for PlayStation Network Online or Xbox Online it seems like a bargain. Well you can actually get it for mor than a bargain than that!

A photo of the case of the Nintendo Switch game "Tetris99"

I ordered Tetris99 from Amazon and it cost £17.99 but it comes with 12 membership to Nintendo Switch Online! You get Tetris 99, as a cart, for free!

Buy Storage

The Nintendo Switch Lite comes with 32GB built in storage but this can be quickly filled up with games and videos. To expand this you can buy Micro SD Cards and the Switch Lite can take up to 2TB SDXC cards but you would probably find anything between 32gb and 128gb perfectly adequate for your Switch needs. I’m putting the following card in my device as I plan to record a bit of gameplay and this will require more space than normal.

There are cheaper cards available but Sandisk are named brand that I trust for my MicroSD cards.

Get Some Free Games

Once you have your Nintendo Switch Online membership it will make available some free games. I recommend doing a search for “Super Nintendo” and “NES” on the Nintendo eShop as you’ll be able to play some classic NES & SNES games including ‘Super Mario Bros 1,2,3 & the Lost Levels / The Adventures of Link’ on the NES and ‘Starfox / Super Mario Kart / Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past’ on the SNES.

By viewing the Nintendo eShop filtered by price there are currently 50 ‘free’ items. Most are games e.g. Fortnite (with in game purchases) but there are Demos and other things like ‘YouTube’ if you want to use your Nintendo Switch as a media device.

Buy Some Games

Not everything you want will be free. If you like a demo, or you’ve seen your mates play it and want to play it yourself then you should buy a copy. For my PS4 I went digital only but for my Switch I want to get physical copies. This is important as I don’t know the Switch games catalogue so well and I might want to sell/trade my games in.

I asked some of my gaming chums what they recommended and something which kept being mentioned was Animal Crossing. At the moment this is still a £45+ game if you want an IRL copy. It also appears to be taking over their lives so I need to avoid it…for now. They did mentioned ‘The Witcher III’ and that seemed a bit up my street.

A photo of the case of The Witcher 3 Complete Edition for the Nintendo Switch

The other game I ordered while waiting for my Nintendo Switch Lite to appear was the Hasbro Game Night 3 in 1 Pack. The games are Risk, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuits. I found this at Shopto.net for £17.85. At the same time Shopto.net was selling Monopoly on its own for the same price so I would get Risk and Trivial Pursuits for FREE.

A photo of the Hasbro Game Night 3 in 1 Game for the Nintendo Switch

Tell Me More About The Nintendo Switch Lite…


I’ve recorded a video of me talking through the Switch Lite I purchased (and the games). You can check it out below.

The Reverend’s Final Thought

Its a tough time in lockdown. If you feel that a new console would help out the family, then do check out some of the refurbished bargains available from eBay as you might be able to grab a bargain, just like I did! There is no reason to spend £400+ on a console just because that is what is available immediately. Wait, do a bit of a planning and research, and you might be able to pick something up at a reasonable price. Being eBay, I paid by PayPal so if there were any issues then I had a bit more protection than if I handed over £150 to some stranger on a Facebook selling group.

Stay Safe out there and look after you mental health. Get yourself in the best position you can to help you and the people important to you.



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  1. Wow, the discounts on the Currys Clearance & Nectar points makes for an insane price on the Switch initially! Well done on being on those 10 that got the deal. Love your video, you don’t need a hair cut or beard trim, I think you’re rockin’ the look. Great suggestions on what people need to complete the package. x

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