10% Discount Code – eBay Discount 28th September 2018

10% off eBay – Discount September

eBay have released a 10% discount code today. Check out this link with the Code & Terms and Conditions and get using!

eBay 10% Discount Code September 2018

Where is valid?


You can use the voucher today for 10 hours on Ebay.co.uk to get 10% off everything in your basket. This is the eBay discount in September. The minimum spend is £20 and the maximum discount is £50 (so a £500 maximum spend). It is valid on the folloing categories;-

What are you buying?

I have recently got a load of retro games consoles so I may get one which I’ve not got in my collection yet – a Sega Game Gear.

Why are they doing it?

There have been a few codes recently for other eBay countries and people have been changing their location on eBay to use those codes. Its possible that eBay wanted to stop people doing that so they are offering a UK code to tempt people to not change their details.

Should you wait for a larger discount code?

I would say ‘no’. If they do release a 20% code it could be tomorrow or it could be in 2 years time. It is best to use the codes they release when they are available and as this one is only valid for 10 hours I do recommend using it now and enjoying the discount today!


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