10% Discount Code

10% Discount Code

eBay have released a 10% eBay December discount code today. From 10am until midnight the 24th February the code will be valid. Check out this link with the Terms and Conditions and get using

10% eBay Discount Code Tech February 2019

Where is valid?


You can use the voucher from today until Midnight on the 18th February 2019 on www.eBay.co.uk to get 15% off everything in your basket. The minimum spend is ZERO pounds so you can get the discount off any value and the maximum discount is £50 (so a £500 maximum spend). It is valid on the ‘Tech’ categories on ebay.

What are you buying?

It can be used on anything from the following tech categories.

  1. Cameras & Photography
  2. Sound & Vision
  3. Video Games & Consoles
  4. Mobile Phones & Communication
  5. Computers/Tablets & Networking
  6. Appliances

Why are they doing it?

There have been a few codes recently for other eBay countries and people have been changing their location on eBay to use those codes. Its possible that eBay wanted to stop people doing that so they are offering a UK code to tempt people to not change their details.

Should you wait for a larger discount code?

I would say ‘no’. If they do release a 20% code it could be tomorrow or it could be in 2 years time. It is best to use the codes they release when they are available and as this one is just before Christmas and for nearly 2 whole days, recommend using it now and enjoying the discount today!

Hasn’t there been a code recently?


Yes! There was 15% off last month and then there was a 10% code a month before that! This eBay Discount December code is new and you will be able to use it from 10am on Friday the 28th December to 8pm. Will there be another one soon? Who knows!

10% eBay Discount Code

This eBay Discount Code is ‘TECH10‘ and will give you 10% off your order with no Minimum spend. You can only use it once and up to a maximum discount of £50. Your order must be from the ‘tech’ categories mentioned above section on eBay.

£5 eBay Discount Code

Some people have reported being able to use a £5 voucher by typing ‘TECH5‘ in the coupon section. I doubt you can use both together and the £5 code is probably user specific but there is no harm in trying it to see whether it works for you. It can only be used once.

The Reverend’s Tip

Rather than make your purchase immediately, you can add multiple items from different sellers to your basket and pay for them in one go. The discount maxes out at £50 so as long as you spend less than £500 you will ensure you get the 10% discount.



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