Icon - Bonus £2 From TopCashback December 2020

(aff) Free £2 Bonus Cashback from TopCashback


Quick – This is for 9th December Only!

Free £2 Bonus Cashback from TopCashback

*TopCashback is offering people a bonus £2 cashback when they spend £5 or more with any retailer. When you would normally get only 1 or 2 % from retailers like Amazon or eBay, this would work out as 40% cashback if you just spend five quid.

Bonus £2 From TopCashback December 2020

How to Maximise Your Bonus


to make sure you get the most of it, as a percentage, then you should look to spend just the qualifying £5. Obviously if you are looking to purchase something more than £5 then you should do, but the bonus is only £2 and not extra percent cashback.

If you are looking to buy from *eBay then make sure the item cost is £6 or over as there is this caveat on the *eBay cashback page – “This merchant calculates cashback excluding VAT, delivery and any other charges”. You need to make sure your purchase price WITHOUT VAT is more than £5. If the item has free delivery then that is fine, but if the item is £2 with £3 delivery then this wouldn’t meet the conditions to get the bonus £2 cashback.

Even More Free Cashback

Check out this month’s How to get £23 free cashback from TopCashback. All this requires ZERO spend so is worth doing if you aren’t already a TopCashback member or you haven’t done the offers before.

Final TopCashback Look Out

Every couple of months TopCashback do a treasure hunt where you can win free cash by finding icons on the website while browsing and identifying clues they give out everyday. There is currently a treasure hunt happening right now….try to find the hummingbirds!

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More Free Cash.

I’ve already shown people how to get £191 for free in 2020 already. I’ve got a single blog post with links on how to get your free cash. Check it out!


Terms & Conditions


This offer is better than some recent offers from *TopCashback as it includes all retailers on the site. Sometimes they exclude *eBay but this time they haven’t!

Check out this page on the TopCashback site for the T&Cs


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