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Amazon Affiliates Stats – January 2016

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January 2016 – Stats for the Stat Fans!

  • Total Click : 54
  • Total Orders : 7
  • Total Dispatched : 2
  • Dispatched Revenue  : £122.45
  • Fees: £11.25

I’ve done a bit of link promotion before but now with the website I’m getting more people clicking through. This is great!

My daily trends looks like this;-


Not bad at all. If I can get a 12%+ conversion rate (or more!) then I think it will be a good sign that the site is growing.

The earnings for this month are much higher than usual as someone purchased a high-value item. It wasn’t to an item I had linked to but shows how Amazon Affiliates can work to your advantage.

An important stat from that table is 49 unique visitors via my link. Now if I can maintain a 12% conversion then it would be 5 people ordering stuff. I should probably look at the fees per unique visitor starts to see if there is any relationship. In fact, let me do that now!

£11.25 / 49 = £0.23p per Unique Visitor

I’m also guessing that due to this months single high-value item, that my figures will have been greatly pushed out and I’d guess that a figure of probably half that is more reasonable. Time will tell if my guess is right or not!

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