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5 Places You Didn’t Know You Could Get Cashback

5 Places You Didn’t Know You Could Get Cashback

You all use cashback sites, don’t you? Quidco and TopCashBack are the main players here in the UK and it is always worth checking out to see whether your retailer is on there before you make a purchase. I’ve made over £1500 from cashback sites and as you get your cashback from just doing your ‘normal’ online shopping, it really is just money for nothing.

Always Check


The inspiration for this blog post is that I often chat with another Money Blogger and there is one cashback that I keep forgetting to do as I just don’t think about them when it comes to cashback. That’s going to be my ‘number 1’ in my list but here comes the top 5, in reverse order!

In at #5 – F-Secure

The very first virus scanner I ever had, F-Secure, has been keeping people’s computers safe for 20 years. I think it came on a floppy disc on PCFormat (my magazine of choice for all things PC, during the 90’s) and it confirmed what I always had known, that I’m managed to install a billion viruses on my family PC. Go me!F-Secure Security Cloud

There are plenty of free virus checkers out there but F-Secure continues to be market leading and has committed to always identify malacious content installed on computers, regardless of why they are there.

Number 4 – The Eden Project

Yes! That ‘Eden Project’. If you’ve not been then the best way to describe the Eden Project is a living biological museum. Built on the site of an old quarry, now it houses 2 biomes that have become homes to both rain-forest and Mediterranean living things. Its not just about the trees and plants, there are birds, insects and various other animals living in the biomes.

Whenever I got to Cornwall I have to visit it to see what changes they’ve made. It is a good full day out and if you gift-aid your ticket, you can return as many times as I’d like for a year. A money-saving bargain if you ask me!

Eden Project Biomes

Middle of the gang, #3 – Co-op Funeralcare

Although there is no reason why it shouldn’t be on there, I was a bit suprised to see funeral plans offering cashback! I’ve chosen the Co-Op Funeralcare but there are a few offering cashback on TopCashBack. There is an interesting note when you go to get cashback on this.

“The cashback rate is set for each individual Funeral Plan, but only one Funeral Plan can be purchased at a time. To receive cashback on multiple Funeral Plans, please purchase each one separately, ensuring you click through from TopCashback before each purchase.”

So if you WERE planning on buying multiple funeral plans from the Co-Op, do them over separate transactions if you want the cashback to track successfully. I’m not sure how many people ‘multi-buy’ funeral plans but just a heads-up to those who do!

Co-Op Funeral Care
Taken from the Co-Op funeral Care Website, photo –

Second Place – Post Office International Payment

Not everyone has a need to send money abroad, and for most people if you are asked to make an international payment, it could be a red-flag for a scam. However there are legitimate reasons you might want to send money abroad and the Post Office offers you a way to do this.

Currently they are offering £5.25 cashback against a £3.99 charge so you could actually be £1.26 in profit after sending money to someone you know abroad.  Check out the Post Office International Payment website to start earning money when you send money abroad.

Post Office International Payments

And our Number 1 – iTunes

And in our top stop, the reason for writing this blog post, is the one I keep forgetting to get – iTunes! I am buying movies and TV shows for my AppleTV and regularly forget to grab the 7% cashback that TopCashBack offers. To give you an idea, if you buy a new movie for £15 this could be over a pound (£1.05 to be exact) and a TV boxset at £25 could give you £1.75 cashback. Not bad for something you were going to buy anyway.

Obviously, you have to buy the media through a link from TopCashBack so this means that if you find a great film on your AppleTV box, you have to log into your computer/phone/tablet to make the purchase through TopCashBack to make sure you get that 7% from iTunes.

iTunes Cashback

The Reverend’s Final Thought

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post about things you’d not expect to get cashback from. It was interesting seeing these other cashback sources that most people wouldn’t have thought of. Do you have a secret cashback source that you think people don’t know about? Let me know in the comments below.



    1. Hi Sally,

      It was one that someone-else told me about. Its good to get a little something back from Apple.



      The Reverend

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