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Earn Over £33 For Free With Quidco In December 2019

Quidco Refer A Friend

I’ve had a number of people use my referral link for Quidco so I thought I would help some of my new followers to get their first £33 with no spend. Here are some instructions to help you get your first payout via Quidco. Any questions then please comment below.

Sign up for Quidco

It might seem obvious but you need to sign up for Quidco to get their cashback! All you will need to do is give them your email address and create a password and you are away!

      ->    CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!     <-      

Become a Premium Member


Once you have joined Quidco then you should become a Premium Member. Not only will  you get special bonuses occasionally, you will also be sent Premium Member only prize draws. The final cherry on the Premium Member cake is that Premium Members can get enhanced payout amounts if you choose to withdraw your cashback with selected companies including Starbucks, Nike, iTunes and FatFace!

Free Cashback Offers

These are the current free cashback offers that Quidco is offering. Log into your Quidco account and you can search for them to find the free cashback offers.

  1. SkyScanner – 56p eight times in a month = £9.30 in a month
  2. Icelolly – 10p three times a day = £4.50
  3. Booking Buddy – 2p three times a day = 62p
  4. Pick My Postcode – 50p
  5. Search Lotto – 40p
  6. QuoteZone Specialist Insurance Classic Car Quote – £2
  7. Gourmet Society (4 Month trial membership) – £6
  8. Graze – £1.50
  9. Tastecard (90 day trial) – £5
  10. Confused.com Travel Insurance Quote – 55p
  11. 20cogs.co.uk – £1
  12. Experian free credit report  – £2.00

The total cashback from this is a massive £33.37! This will get you through your first payout threshold and see the cash into your account!

Supercharge your Cashback

As you’ve upgraded your account to Premium you will already be enjoying the enhanced cashback rates but when you cash out you will be able to get bonuses from certain Quidco Partners. If you chose to take it as a Virgin Experience voucher you’d get an extra 25% so your £33.37 becomes £41.71!

Wait for everything to become payable

This can be the hard part but requires no actual effort as all you need to do is wait. If you look at your account activity on Quidco then you will see your cashback can be in one of two stages.

  1. Tracked
  2. Payable

When you have the minimum amount to cash out, you can withdraw it into your bank account. Nearly 20 for no effort at all. It is possible to increase this amount by 3% or even 10% by choosing other payout option than just bank transfer/PayPal.

The Reverend’s Bonus


At the moment Quidco is offering new members a £10 bonus once they hit their first £5 of cashback. So instead of gettint £33 you would actually get £43 for no spend at all! Add the 25% payout bonus and you are at over £50 – all with you not even having to spend a penny.

The Reverend’s Tip

Quidco often offers ways of increasing your cashback through competitions. They cost nothing to take part in and some of them give Premium members extra prizes to win. I’ll put links on my blog to help find answers and get bonuses.

Quidco &#8211; Guess 2 Win All Clues &#038; Answers




  1. Great tips! I’ve been with Quidco for eons but sadly I do feel like they’re losing some of their sparkle. I don’t think the latest changes with membership haven’t helped their reputation. Still, good incentives for the newbies signing up so this is very helpful!

  2. Hi Caz / InvisiblyMe,

    I think Quidco is going through some changes (remember about a year ago when there was talk of TopCashback buying them?) – I hope the manage to improve their offers and I really hope they change their premium offering. No one is enjoying that!



    The Reverend

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