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Quick – Today Only – £2 Bonus Cashback on a £5 Spends at TopCashback


Quick – This is for Today Only!

Free £2 Bonus Cashback from TopCashback

*TopCashback is offering people a bonus £2 cashback when they spend £5 or more with any retailer. When you would normally get only 1 or 2 % from retailers like Amazon or eBay, this would work out as 40% cashback if you just spend five quid.

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How to Maximise Your Bonus


to make sure you get the most of it, as a percentage, then you should look to spend just the qualifying £5. Obviously if you are looking to purchase something more than £5 then you should do, but the bonus is only £2 and not extra percent cashback.

If you are looking to buy from *eBay then make sure the item cost is £6 or over as there is this caveat on the *eBay cashback page – “This merchant calculates cashback excluding VAT, delivery and any other charges”. You need to make sure your purchase price WITHOUT VAT is more than £5. If the item has free delivery then that is fine, but if the item is £5 with £1 delivery then this wouldn’t meet the conditions to get the bonus £2 cashback.

Even More Free Cashback

Check out January’s How to Get £9 from TopCashback. All this requires ZERO spend so is worth doing if you aren’t already a TopCashback member or you haven’t done the offers before.

Final TopCashback Look Out

Every couple of months TopCashback do a treasure hunt where you can win free cash by finding icons on the website while browsing and identifying clues they give out everyday. The last one was in Spring but they do happen throughout the year.

TopCashBack Sweet Treats 2021 – All Clues & Details


More Free Cash.

In 2020 I showed people how to get £191 for free. I’ve got a single blog post with links on how to get your free cash. Check it out!


Terms & Conditions


This offer is better than some recent offers from *TopCashback as it includes all retailers on the site. Sometimes they exclude *eBay but this time they haven’t!

  1. To be eligible for the £2 Cashback Bonus promotion, you must be a member of TopCashback.co.uk and have received an email to your registered email address. You must activate the offer by clicking through the link in the email or the link below, which will take you to the activation page and activate the promotion, prior to making an eligible transaction, activations will be reported back to TopCashback.
  2. You must make a purchase through TopCashback between 00:00 and 23:59 on 01/04/2021
  3. You are eligible for a Cashback Bonus for a maximum of 1 individual purchase.
  4. You can earn a maximum of £2.
  5. Tell-A-Friend, Sign Up bonuses, Free Cashback merchants and Snap & Save transactions will not count as one of your purchases towards the Cashback Bonus.
  6. Your purchase amount should be £5 or more, this is the purchase amount reported back to TopCashback. Some merchants may not include delivery charges.
  7. Cashback Bonus will appear in your account as a new transaction, only when cashback for the initial purchase reaches the pending stage.
  8. Cashback Bonus will be payable when the initial purchase becomes payable.
  9. If you cancel your order, or the merchant deems the transaction as ineligible for cashback, the Cashback Bonus will be removed.
  10. Only one TopCashback.co.uk account per person is allowed.
  11. Cashback Bonus may not automatically apply to purchases where a Missing Cashback Claim needs to be lodged to get your purchase to track correctly. If this is the case and your claim is successful you will need to raise a support ticket to be awarded the bonus.
  12. TopCashback will not be held responsible for any technical failure or otherwise which prevents participation in this promotion.
  13. Where there is a contradiction between the offer terms and conditions and TopCashback terms and conditions, the offer terms and conditions take precedence until the offer expires.

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