Virgin Red July Competition – Happy 2nd Birthday

Virgin Red July Competition – Happy 2nd Birthday!

Virgin Red are back with another competition for July! There are a number of prizes you can win by taking part everyday. There could also be bonus codes given out which can increase your points so keep an eye out for them on the Virgin Red twitter feed and facebook page. Check back here every day to find the latest Virgin Red Vault Competition Answers. You can also see the bonus codes I’ve found below!

Take Part


For an easy 50 points use my invite code IDTLD3 when you download the app.

Download from –

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

The Prizes

This month the vault prizes are;-

  • Vault 1 – Win 1 of 50 Bottles of Sparkling Wine
  • Vault 2 – Win 1 Paris break for 2
  • Vault 3 – Win 1 of 5 Amazon Echo Dots
  • Vault 4 – Win 1 of 5 3-course Meal with Prosecco
  • Vault 5 – Win £1500 Virgin Holiday Voucher
  • Vault 6 – Win 40k Flying Club miles
  • Vault 7 – The VIP Vault – 1 of 10 Mystery Prizes


Day 1 – This or That25pts
Day 2 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz Answers, a) Oregano; b) Orange; c) Two – 50pts
Day 3 – This or That25pts
Day 4 – This or That25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts
Day 5 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz Answers, a) 50; b) Show & Tell; c) Virgin Trains 50pts
Day 6 – This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts
Day 7 – This or That – 25pts
Day 8 – This or That – 25pts
Day 9 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz Answers, a) 1972; b) Virgin Atlantic; c) Trafalgar Square 50pts
Day 10 – This or That – 25pts
Day 11 – This or That25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts
Day 12 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz Answers, a) Tens; b) Bella Italia; c) Virgin Wines 50pts
Day 13 – This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts
Day 14 – This or That – 25pts
Day 15 – This or That – 25pts
Day 16 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz Answers, a) Tom Hanks ; b) Ringo Starr ; c) Richard Branson 50pts / BONUS CODE = Check the ‘Win £100 Cash’ tile to see if you’ve won 10/25/50 points or even £100!
Day 17 – This or That – 25pts / BONUS CODE = Check the ‘Win £100 Cash’ tile to see if you’ve won 10/25/50 points or even £100!
Day 18 – This or That25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts / BONUS CODE = Check the ‘Win £100 Cash’ tile to see if you’ve won 10/25/50 points or even £100!
Day 19 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz Answers, a) September ; b) Canada ; c) Australia 50pts / BONUS CODE = Check the ‘Win £100 Cash’ tile to see if you’ve won 10/25/50 points or even £100!
Day 20 – This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts / BONUS CODE = Check the ‘Win £100 Cash’ tile to see if you’ve won 10/25/50 points or even £100!
Day 21 – This or That – 25pts
Day 22 – This or That – 25pts
Day 23 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz Answers, a) Thames; b) Glamping; c) William Shakespeare 50pts
Day 24 – This or That – 25pts
Day 25 – This or That25pts / Show & Tell – 50pts
Day 26 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz Answers, a) Every darn day; b) Well duh, yeah!; c) 50pts
Day 27 – This or That – 25pts / Flash Friday – 25pts
Day 28 – This or That – 25pts
Day 29 – This or That – 25pts
Day 30 – This or That – 25pts / Quiz Answers, a) Fit For Rugby; b) Explosive Power; c) Six Pillars 50pts
Day 31 – This or That – 25pts

Check back here tomorrow if you need help with the quiz. If you are having any problems getting the right Virgin Red July Competition quiz answers, let me know in the comments below and I will help out 🙂

The Reverend’s Tip

There are other ways to earn points including using my joining code above to earn an extra 50 points when you start! I will try to share any bonuses I find on this page.

The Reverend’s Tip #2


Sign up to Virgin Atlantic (it is free) and get 250 points a month for no effort! It takes only a minute and will increase you monthly points total by 250 points. Don’t forget to go into the app and enter you membership number to get the points.

The Reverend’s Tip #3

If you put a new profile picture up on the app you’ll get an extra 50 points. It looks like you can only do this once a month but it is an easy 50 points for this competition.

The Reverend’s Tip #4

When you complete vaults or answer questions  you are able to use the button on the top right to send an email telling people. You can only do it five times per month and each one gives you an extra 25 points.

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  1. 50 for profile pic change still working. When should the verified customer points post? I was expecting them today.

  2. Hey,

    I’ve been looking at the app every 15 minutes or so as the free papa John’s was at a random time today. It’s said ‘coming soon’ every time I have looked, however I checked a few minutes ago and it’s gone. Restarted a few times but still nothing. Has it already happened? Did anybody win?



    1. Hello Sam,

      Have you updated the App? I think the Free Papa Johns was last month.


      The Reverend

      1. Hi Rev,

        They’re doing another one for today, I got an email about it yesterday. It said they’ll be doing one on the day of each England match (who knows how long that will be). And I saw it this morning and it just disappeared.

        Just double checked the app and the screen has come back, but all have been claimed. How frustrating, just wasn’t there for me. Oh well, I guess I need to make other dinner plans!



        1. Hi Sam

          I had the same problem – been refreshing it almost all day, it disappeared and then said they’d claimed it. Definitely wasn’t open when I was looking!



    2. It’s a bit late now, but I can confirm that I did manage to obtain a code for the Free Pizza on 04/07/18 @ around 14:30. Also, this is my second time of winning – I got another one on the 28/06/18 at around midday (just looking through my texts as I sent myself the code via text message when the app copied it to the clipboard).
      I did miss out on the previous 2 giveaways, as they of course limited to 2000 and I didn’t nab them in time, but still not a bad return 🙂
      Also, I think the first 2 went ‘live’ immediately at 00:01, so people nabbed them very quickly – I checked first thing in the morning for both and they’d already gone. This time around, the text has changed to say that it goes live at a random time on the day of England’s match, so I just checked throughout the day until the text changed from ‘Coming Soon’ to ‘Get Code’ (or similar).
      Next opportunity is this Saturday…Good luck!

    1. Hi Dan,

      I know what you mean. Earlier games had points given out across various Virgin related social media channels and so people were able to hunt them out.

      That was a lot more fun.


      The Reverend

    1. Hi Alan,

      Added the answers for today. Not the most challenging of quizzes! 😀


      The Reverend

      1. Haha nope 😀

        1075 pts left for VIP vault, here’s hoping enough points appear this month!

        Have noticed a slight bug in that 50 pts profile pic change keeps on occasionally un-greying itself. Making a further change in the month sadly doesn’t give any more points though! 5x sharing still work nicely.

        1. I’m still on the 2nd to last vault but I’m sure that will change before the month is over. We are less than 1/3 of the way through so plenty of time for them to give additional points.


          20 x This and That = 500pts
          4 x Flash Friday = 100pts
          8 x Quizzes = 400 pts
          4 x Show & Tell = 200 pts

          Total = 1200 pts

          Now that’s only a guess but I think that’s about right.

  3. Whats the deal with the Papa Johns free Pizza giveaway. The tab at the bottom of the page disappeared around 10AM and did not reappear until 11:20. At which time it said that all the Pizza was claimed. Same thing happened during the giveaway on the 3rd. is there something you have to set to be eligible for the giveaway ( im a Virgin media customer)

    1. Hi Morty,

      I haven’t seen it myself yet, I guess they are all gone by the time I load up the app.



      The Reverend

    1. Hello Jenny,

      There haven’t been any bonus codes released for the July as of yet.


      The Reverend

  4. This month, I don’t see any questions to be able to find the daily code for July?! It’s really weird as I’ve always seen them for previous months. Any idea why I can’t see them? Thx.

    1. Hi Michael,

      No bonus codes for July so far. They don’t always have them so its not unusual.


      The Reverend

      1. Ah OK. With the bonus code option only just appearing yesterday I was thinking that meant they’d released some! Fingers crossed they still do.

  5. Has the ‘enter a code’ carousel just been added today or has it always been there this month so far??

    1. Hi Stuart – only appeared a couple of days ago for me this month. Profile pic one comes and goes although already had the 50 from that so nothing happens if I change it again.

  6. I also noticed this morning that the bonus code tile has appeared. Let’s hope for some codes. I have 900 to go for the super vault.

  7. I have noticed that the enter code option has become available again… does anyone know of any codes??

    1. Hello Kayleigh,

      That tile is there every month, from what I remember. I’ve not looked for this this month but see it is currently there.


      The Reverend

    1. I’ve had 3 free pizzas during world cup matches… But nothing from the vaults (only my 2nd month though).

    2. I’ve won a bottle of fizz and a voucher for a tub of ice cream (think I’ve had 2 of those). Claimed a couple of free Nero’s coffee when they used to do those. Don’t know anyone that’s won everything substantial though.

    3. Yes. Won chocolates. Bubbly. Sunglasses. Nabbed 2 pizzas. So far not too bad but nothing mahoosive yet…

  8. Hi all

    I have a enter the code box saying how many points will it be worth.

    Confused, please help

    Ta very much Lisa

    1. Hello Lisa,

      That is there every month. I have not found any codes this month yet.


      The Reverend

  9. I won flash Friday the week before last, £25 Virgin experience voucher, and I had a tub of ice cream

  10. RED10-3JVN

    Code for 10 points does everyone have the same code does anyone have a 50 pointer we can try

  11. Go to the roulette page and get a voucher , the code received can be used on the codes page to get 10 or 50 points depending on the code.

  12. Yes. Won chocolates. Bubbly. Sunglasses. Nabbed 2 pizzas. So far not too bad but nothing mahoosive yet… Oh and ice cream.

  13. Hello, I don’t know where the “win 100 cash” tile is? I’ve been looking everyday and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    1. Hello Sofi,

      It was on the roulette page in the app. You revealed your code and the code would either be for £100 or 10/25/50 points.

      Make sure your app is up to date as sometimes people with older versions of the app don’t see everything.


      The Reverend

        1. Hello PJS777,

          It was a tile about winning £100 and covering the roulette game on virgin casino. it was only live for a week.


          The Reverend

    1. Good Morning Dianne,

      I’ve added these to today’s answers. I think I am going to make the VIP vault this month – are you on target to?


      The Reverend

  14. So 8 days to go and 620 points left, I’ve collected everything , have there been any other codes ?

    1. Hi Roger,

      There were the 5 days of extra points (10/25/50).

      Do you have any virgin verified accounts? These give 250 points per account. There is an easy 250 point on “The Reverend’s Tip” section of the blog post.


      The Reverend

      1. I’ve done all the codes from last week, got 10 on 3 occasions, verified on 2 different things , I do all the tips every month, can’t see how I’ll get there

        1. Hi Roger,

          I’d have thought you’d get in the VIP vault with 2 verified virgin accounts. Maybe next month you’ll get in.


          The Reverend

  15. I have 610 points left to get to the VIP vault. I don’t think I’ll get in there this time.
    I’m turning 50 tomorrow and I asked Virgin Red if they give users a birthday bonus, they never got back to me. Oh well it was worth a try!

    1. Hi Caroline,

      Have you done all the ‘Tips’ at the bottom of the blog post?

      I think 610 might be too much to get to before the end of the month. It is possible Virgin Red will put a special code out as it is their birthday. I wouldn’t rely on this happening.


      The Reverend

  16. hi, just checked and I need 600 points to open the last vault, but cannot see any chance of getting that many. Anyone else in this position?

    1. Hi Janet,

      There is about a week to go of the competition

      7 * This or That = 175pts
      2 * Quiz = 100pts
      1 * Flash Friday = 25pts
      1 * Show and Tell = 50pts
      Total = 350pts

      So unless they do some more bonus codes, I don’t think you will make it.

      Have you got all the bonuses from the Tips I give on the blog-post?


      The Reverend

        1. Hi Dan,

          Its possible you might. Sometimes they do throw extra codes out but your best option is probably to have someone use your referal code to get you an extra 50 points and into the VIP Vault.



          The Reverend

    1. Hi Lee,

      Where did you find that code? I’ve checked the usual sources but can’t find it.


      The Reverend

    1. Kal
      Make sure that you are signed up to received Virgin Red “advertising” Emails.
      The code specified by Lee and Gooner was sent in a mailing last Friday advertising simply cook boxes, CDs giverway and Flash Friday. My Email had the subject heading:
      “Philip, simply open this email to see how to get 50% off your next 8 meals”

  17. Wow, just checked on the off chance and thanks to the 50pt code, I’m now only 35 off the final Vault. I might even win something one day .

  18. Hi everyone

    It looks like I am going to miss the VIP vault by 35 points this month, does anyone have any ideas how I can get it?

    1. Have you done all my tips?
      The is also a code people were emailed that people have put in the comments here.

      1. Yes, I have done everything, I’m also verified by three virgin companies, i usually make the VIP vaults, I’m a bit annoyed not to have done this month. Wondering whether I have missed something along the way.

      2. Ah-ha!! I have never used your referral code, because I thought you had to be a new member, I just tried that and it worked, so with tomorrow’s this or that, I’ll make the vault on the last day! So grateful to your page, I am blind and some of the ways to earn points aren’t accessible to me and the only way I can get them is on here, still have never won nothing, but it’s fun to play.M

  19. 195 points left at the end, verified on 2 different things and I did everything including all the tips and codes , guessing others on here must be verified on more things but I can’t get on any more

    1. I finished 75 points off, completely forgot to do anything the weekend just gone so my own fault! Annoying! Verified on three things, wonder if anyone I know have traveled by virgin trains recently! Haha

  20. Email received this morning


    Congratulations! You’ve won our prize draw and a bundle of CDs is yours!

    You’ve already completed your profile in full, so we’ve got your delivery details. There’s nothing more for you to do now as we’ll organise getting your prize on its way to you and you should have your CDs in the next couple of weeks!

    We hope you enjoy your new CDs and thanks for being a Virgin Red member!

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