1. Hello Charli – Digging the sunglasses! 😀

      Affiliate marketing is easy to do badly and hard to do well but the basics are easy to understand.

      Writing a book sounds ace, what kind?


      The Reverend

  1. These are some great suggestions.

    Other passive income ideas I have heard of are selling copies of your photos through stock photo websites, creating and selling an e-course on something that you know well and if you have a blog, placing a PayPal ‘donate’ button on it and hopefully, your loyal followers would donate, from time to time.

    1. Hi Ray,

      Some good suggestions there. I don’t know many bloggers who get a good income from a ‘PayPal Donate’ button but I have seen a few that have added a ‘buy me a coffee’ link. Its the same thing but I guess people feel happier about buying someone a coffee than throwing them a couple of quid.

      eLearning is a completely new arena for me that I don’t know about so I can’t really help on that – I have read some money bloggers have set up eLearning courses that people can purchase. I’m not sure that’s for me as I like to share my info for free and just use RAF or affiliate links. I think this gives a better user experience and I’m happier.



      The Reverend

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