Debt Awareness Week Round Up

Debt Awareness Week 22nd-28th March 2021 – UKMB Round Up

Here you’ll find all the post from UK Money Bloggers for Debt Awareness Week, 2021

The Money Principle

Maria from The Money Principle starts my round-up by helping you understand if you can actually pay your debts off.



Here is an Instagram post from Laura – Financielle


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A post shared by Financielle (@financielle)

Bee Money Savvy

Emma from BeeMoneySavvy shares 5 Things you can do to become debt free.

Become Debt Free: 5 Things You Can Do

Fiona from shares her story on how she cleared £12k of debt in two years.


A different post from Martha from that explains what a debt advisor can do.

Subtle Investor


Sejuty from Subtle Investor has a thought provoking post about how debt can affect your mental health.

How debt affects mental health


Hayley from Miss ManyPennies gives you 7 Steps to pay debt off faster.

7 Simple But Effective Ways To Pay off Debt Faster

Broke In Bristol

There is a great post from Jackie from Broke in Bristol who shares 10 steps to get out of debt.

Great Deals Made Easy

William from Great Deals Made Easy gives you 7 ways to help reduce your debt if you are on a low income.

How to get out of debt on a low income – Debt Awareness Week

Shoestring Cottage

Jane from Shoestring Cottage gives tips on how frugal living can help with debt.

Embrace frugal living to pay off debt #debtawarenessweek


Ruth from MoneySavvyMumUK gives her thoughts on the 8 best ways to pay off debt.

8 best ways to pay off debt

Broke Girl In The City

Marie from Broke Girl In The City has shared her debt story with Virgin Money

Young Fun and Thrifty

Jo from Young, Fun and Thrifty gives some advice for people feeling they are drowning in debt.

Drowning in Debt? 9 Ways to Build Yourself a Life Raft

Cashback Collette

Collette gives 5 charities that you can approach for debt advice.

5 Amazing Debt Charities That Give Free Debt Advice (National Debt Awareness Week)

Mrs Mummypenny

Finally, Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny talks about her debt journey.



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