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Cheap Amazon Echo Dot Deal – 99p + 1 Month subscription to Amazon Music

Cheap Amazon Echo Dot Deal – 99p + 1 Month subscription to Amazon Music

Be quick! I’m not sure how long this deal will hang about!

Grab yourself an Amazon Echo Dot for just 99p + 1 month subscription to Amazon Music (£7.99) = Total Price £8.98

Amazon are offering their great little Echo Dot device for less than £9 including 1 month of Amazon Music. This is the best deal I’ve seen out there for the Echo Dot.

The Amazon Echo Dot


This is a smart speaker with Alexa built in. Alexa is a virtual assistant that you ‘talk’ to.  You can use Alexa to play music, listen to online radios, find out the weather, flip a coin and even ask Alexa to tell you a joke. You may have seen the recent advert for Amazon Alexa on the TV with the lady and the guide-dog.

Being a virtual assistant you can get Alexa to give you reminders, set timers and, of course, order items from Amazon that you might need. Amazon have also given Alexa the ability to control some ‘Smart Home’ electronics like thermostats, lighting and plugs.

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Amazon Music – £7.99 a month

this is how Amazon are hoping to get their money back. Obviously the Amazon Echo Dot costs more than 99p but by linking it to Amazon Music at £8 a month, they hope people will leave the subscription in place and Amazon will make more money from that.

If you do go for this deal you only need that first month’s subscription and then you can cancel at any time. So cancel right away and get that Amazon Echo Dot for a grand total of £8.98! What a bargain for a device that Amazon usually charges £49.99!

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