Cinema Offer – Odeon – Half Price Tickets

Odeon Cinema

I have been wanting to watch the new X-Men film but unfortunately living in London it is easily £25 for just 2 tickets to a film, and thats before you add on the extra costs of 3D or premier seating. Luckily there are two great offers.

Groupon – 2 tickets for a tenner / 5 tickets £20

Groupon are doing a great offer at the moment for cheap tickets. The reason this is great is there is currently a way to knock additional money off.

Firstly, log into TopCashBack and click through to Groupon. This might get you 5% cashback. Then when you order the tickets through Groupon use the code “E6FRDVF5” for a 20% discount.


if you’ve not used Groupon before then you can, until Sunday, get £10 cashback. You have to use a special link but it has a timelimit. Click HERE for this

Odeon Discount Code – 50% off tickets

Odeon are currently offering (10th-16th June) 50% off any tickets ordered direct. Just visit the Odeon website and in the discount code section enter “JUNE5C” for 50% off your tickets. Now this is a great deal for people everywhere as the ticket prices change across the country and you get 50% off that price.


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