Get 30% Off Your Costa Coffee – Mobile Ordering via Costa App

I’ve just seen this on the Costa App and you can get 30% off your mobile orders when you order through the app.

Step 1: Download the Costa App

You can skip this if you already have the app. You can download it for your device on this link.

An image of the Costa Coffee Refer a friend page

Step 2 : Scroll Down to the ‘Brewed for You’ Section


Super easy. Just open the app and scroll to the ‘Brewed for You’ section.

Screenshot of the Costa App showing the '30% off mobile orders' link

(You’ll also see they are offering 15% off your order if you order for delivery via Uber Eats).

Step 3 : Place Your Order

Its important to note that not all Costa Coffee locations have the same drinks offered via mobile ordering. You might also find that there are less options when you use mobile ordering so do check that you have ordered the milk/syrups that you want. If you scroll through the menu then you’ll see the food options available to order.

Screenshot of the Costa App showing the Terry's Orange Hot Chocolate

Step 4 : Pay For Your Order

Through the Costa Coffee app you can choose to pay via card or you can pay via points you’ve collected. If you signed up using my link then you’ll have 100 points for free and this converts to £1. Then, once you’ve completed your first order, you’ll be given another 200 points worth £2. You will also collect points for ordering through the app.

Step 5 : Collect Your Order

On the ‘payment’ screen it does say the expected time to collect your drink. Although this says 5-8 minutes on my app, I often find it is passed through to the store and my drink is ready less than 5 minutes from ordering. Obviously hot food can take longer so be aware of that if you are ordering a bacon roll to go with your coffee!

Step 6 : Enjoy Your Order!


That’s it! Get drinking and remember you’ve managed to dodge the queues and get your drink 30% cheaper than everyone else stood there queuing!

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