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Earn £16 for free with TopCashBack During July 2018

I’ve had a number of people use my referal link for TopCashBack. so I thought I would help some of my new followers to get their first £16 with no cost. Here are some instructions to help you get your first payout via TCB. Any questions then please comment below.

Sign Up to TopCashBack

Of course you need to sign up to TopCashBack. Click on the link to start your TCB Journey to earning £16 for free! Its easy to do and you just need an email address to start with. Once you have signed up you can move onto how to earn money.

Experian – £2.25 )


Experian are currently offering £2.25 for any new customers using their free creditmatcher. If you are already logged in then you can click this link -> Experian <- to take you straight there.

20Cogs – £1

Now do a search for 20Cogs. Complete a registration here and you will earn yourself 50p. If you are already logged in then you can click this link -> 20Cogs <- to take you straight there.

SurveySpotter – 60p

Survey Spotter has been able to bring all the UK’s best surveys together on one easy site for you to access. Take surveys from home and receive cash, vouchers, sample and products in return. Click here, complete your first survey and earn you 60p cashback. -> SurveySpotter <- – £1.81

This one does require you to complete at least 1 survey on the site. Once you have done this you will qualify for the cashback. If you are already logged in then click this link -> <- to take you straight there. – 50p


Change your search engine to Search Lotto and they will reward you with free National Lottery or EuroMillions entries each week. You need to do 25 searches to qualify for the cashback so not a lot of effort at all. Click this link to go straight there -> <- – £1.01

If you are in a relationship then do let your partner know why you are registering for! I don’t want anyone being involved in World War 3 due to a bit of cashback action! Once you have registered you should see the cashback tracking on your account. If you are already logged into TCB then click this link -> <- to take you straight there. Pet Insurance Quote – 60p

If you have pets then insurance is vital to cover the large costs that a simple vet vist can rack-up. Get a quote from’s Pet Insurance checker and you’ll get some cashback into your account. Click this link to take you straight there -> Pet Insurance <-

Nielsen Survey – £4.50

Quite a big payout from Nielsen at the moment, but it does require you to complete a registration and download the software to your computer. For over 80 years, Nielsen members have been influential in determining the popularity of television programming. Click this link to take you straight there -> Nielsen Survey <- – 70p

To take you well over the £10 payment threshold this is a good one to complete. Win prizes and get freebees from but more importantly you get 70p for completing your first time registration on the site. If you are already logged into TCB then click this link -> <- to take you straight there.

Swagbucks – £3.03

New from last month is £3.03 from Swagbucks. You have to get 450 swagbucks in the first 30 days of registration (this is worth £3 in itself) and then you should be awarded your TCB £3.03. Click this link -> Swagbucks <- to take you straight there.


When you add up all of these you will have £16 so you will be able to claim your first payment from TopCashBack.

But Wait! There’s More!

The team over at TopCashBack are currently offering an additional 13% on your cashback when you claim your money in a Zeek giftcard. That takes your total cashback if you claim it as a Zeek gift card of £18.08! Zeek offers a discount on giftcards so depending on the giftcard you choose you could get ANOTHER 8%-20% of value on-top of that!

Wait for everything to become payable

This can be the hard part but requires no actual effort as all you need to do is wait. If you look at your dashboard on TopCashBack then you will see your cashback can be in one of three stages.

  1. Pending
  2. Confirmed
  3. Payable

When you have the minimum amount to cash out, you can withdraw it into your bank account. £10 for no effort at all. It is possible to increase this amount by 3% or even 10% by choosing other payout option than just bank transfer/PayPal.

So far I have personally earned just under £1000 from TCB. It is a great place to do your purchasing through and once you get in the habit of checking TopCashBack before you buy something on-line, you will build up money into your TCB account.

The Reverend’s Tip

TopCashBack often do ‘treasure hunt’ type competitions. Here is the details of the latest one – I have already won 10p cashback for free!

TopCashBack Summer Treats Giveaway All Clues And Answers



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