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What is BeMyEye?

BeMyEye is a mystery shopper-type app where you use your mobile phone to find ‘jobs’ to complete. Each job can earn you money, xp or both! It is great as there is an app on both the Apple AppStore and Google Play store. This means that you can be on iOS or Android and still be able to earn with BeMyEye

Where to Download?


BeMyEye can be downloaded from;-

The Apple AppStore
Google Play Store

Click the links to download them direct to your phone. Both are free so there will be no cost for you to start earning money.

Bonus Just For You

When you set up your account, you will be asked if you have an invitation code. You can easily earn a free bonus £1 if you use the invitation code exz7y1 and complete your first mission worth at least a pound. Not bad for something that takes seconds and helps you into the world of BeMyEye

The App

Once you’ve logged in the app gives you four tabs at the bottom. The first two are the house and the rocket-ship and these are the ones you will use the most. After these you have your referral details and then the ‘settings’

Screenshot showing BeMyEye Homepage
The Homescreen of the BeMyEye App

The homescreen is split into 6 sections.

  1. Your Name and Level (at the top)
  2. Total XP = The amount of XP you have earned completing tasks. More XP = Higher Level
  3. Available Cash = How much you’ve earned in real cash money completing tasks
  4. Missions Completed = How many jobs you’ve successfully completed
  5. Favourite Places = locations you have favourited.
  6. Nearby Missions = jobs found within radius that you set in the settings section.

The rocket-ship shows you the list of jobs in the area. In the top left you can toggle between a list view and the map view you see below.

The Map View for BeMyEye App


Payment Options

BeMyEye offers both a bank transfer and Paypal as payment options. It is good to have different payouts available and sometimes you don’t need the money in your bank account. You can alter your payout details within the ‘edit my profile’ section of the home page.

Additional Info


Something that I’ve not noticed with other Mystery Shopper apps is that BeMyEye has a number of jobs showing as available in other countries.

Plenty of Jobs available in France

Look at all those lovely Euros waiting for people to earn.  If you are driving through France then you could easily top up your spending cash by completing some of these.



  1. I joined BeMyEye and did my first job. I currently use a similar app called Roamler and that is good so gave BeMyEye a try. I completed the job, the job was approved, and £25 was on the account. I tried to cash out and it says payment processing. A couple of days still the same. I thought payment was almost instant via PayPal once mission is approved but apparently not. I emailed the customer support email 30 times and no one replied or got back to me. This app is run by cowboys. Never have I received such bad customer service and the whole point of doing the job is to earn money. Please avoid people. Join Roamler instead it’s a much more efficient professional app!

    1. Hi Kaydupis,

      I have done plenty of BeMyEye jobs and been paid out for all of them. I know that at different levels there are gaps between 2 payments. Currently at level 7 there is a 10 day gap between any two payments.

      Hopefully you’ll get your payment soon.


      The Reverend

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